Margot and The Nuclear So.. - Skeleton Key

arex on October 15 2008

Check out Margot and The Nuclear So and So's. Chris and I are DJing at Southside Speakeasy (south williamsburg - s. 1st between havemeyer and roebling) this Thursday. Come out and support us in addition to welcoming Southside Speakeasy to Williamsburg. So the day has come where LAR has reached server capacity, with every new song we take down one old song at the bottom of the play list, the old stuff will return in 2.0, maybe. Do you believe this XML file is 4300 lines of code?

Chairlift - Evident Utensil

chris on October 14 2008

Cop This album instantly. I checked them out at glasslands about 5 months ago and was blown away. Don't you hate it when you think you have a secret and then apple or cadillac uses them for a commercial. Remember when VW used NIck Drake... I was furious.

Jim James and Calexico - Goin' To Acapulco

chris on October 13 2008

Sorry for the Hiatus, but I have been broken. Here is a track from Todd Haynes' Im Not There. I have to tell you that Richard Gere surprised me in this scene. Damn near a tear jerker.

The Virgins - Rich Girls

alexander brooklyn mejias on October 10 2008

The first e-mail I ever recieved after starting this site was from a listener by the name of Amanda, she recommended some Virgins on here and I regretfully brushed the name aside like an arrogant asshole. I checked them out a couple weeks later and wasn't feeling it, days passed, months passed, I got a couple hair cuts, ate a bunch of meals, worked out a couple times, broke some hearts, and grew up. Now I'm digging The Virgins, see Amanda, I wasnt ready yet, but now I've advanced to your level in musical taste. Cheers Amanda.

Liam Finn - Energy Spent

alex on October 09 2008

Chris may or may not be dead, you out there buddy? P.S. what's up Japan? good to see youre digging the site. Lets get some noodles some time and hang out. Dont think I forgot about you either New Zealand, this songs for you.

The Cribs - It Was Only Love

chris on October 08 2008

You know the tough get goin' When the goin' gets tough. I'm looking for some lovin', can't seem to get enough. Thats why you will find me... Down in the passion pit, Where everyone gets a hit. Down in the passion pit, Where everything seems to fit.

Minus The Bear - Guns and Ammo

alex on October 08 2008

Hey ya'll how bout some soothing Minus The Bear acoustic? That's what i thought, you will LISTEN TO THIS AND LIKE IT! GOT IT!? That little keyboard riff at about one minute makes my soul smile. I'm pumped I get to see Liam Finn perform this Saturday, for those not interested in going to the amazing sounding deisel party come hang out with Liam at the Bell House in brooklyn.