The Cribs - It Was Only Love

chris on October 08 2008

You know the tough get goin' When the goin' gets tough. I'm looking for some lovin', can't seem to get enough. Thats why you will find me... Down in the passion pit, Where everyone gets a hit. Down in the passion pit, Where everything seems to fit.

Minus The Bear - Guns and Ammo

alex on October 08 2008

Hey ya'll how bout some soothing Minus The Bear acoustic? That's what i thought, you will LISTEN TO THIS AND LIKE IT! GOT IT!? That little keyboard riff at about one minute makes my soul smile. I'm pumped I get to see Liam Finn perform this Saturday, for those not interested in going to the amazing sounding deisel party come hang out with Liam at the Bell House in brooklyn.