Macklemore And Ryan Lewis - Thrift Shop

chris on September 19 2012

The hook says it all. This is fucking awesome. Thanks Derek.

Pacific Air - Float

alex on September 18 2012

Rainy day feel good music... That's a real genre, right?

Band of Horses - Dumpster World

chris on September 18 2012

A bit of Neil Young a bit of kick ass. I suppose.

Black Mountain - Tyrants

chris on September 18 2012

I was walking over the bridge this morning. A storm was brewing, the wind was gusting and I was all alone as the dark sky rolled in. This song sums that up.

Night Panther - Two Weeks (Grizzly Bear Cover)

alex on September 13 2012

Finally have some free time. I Suppose I should update this peice of shit website, eh?.

Van Morrison - Into the Mystic

chris on September 11 2012

On this day 11 years ago 2,977 undeserving souls were lost. And when that fog horn blows I will be coming home.

RJD2 - The Shining Path (featuring Phonte Coleman)

alex on September 10 2012

When in doubt RJD2.

Tame Impala - Feels Like We Only Go Backwards

alex on September 10 2012

Space jam - the song.

Levek - French Lessons

alex on September 06 2012

One question I always struggle with internally is whether to put peanut butter or jelly on the sandwich first. Regardless of your choice one of the jars is going to end up with a foreign spread. Unless youre an asshole and youre using two knives to make a PBJ. Don't even get me started on the squeezable shit.

Lescop - La Foret

chris on September 06 2012

When your computer screen gives you headaches and eye twitches, and your mouse and keyboard give you carpal tunnel... I think it's about time to switch things up a bit.