Mac DeMarco - Freaking Out the Neighborhood

chris on October 03 2012

I love when everyone is hung over and your aren't. It's like some sort of street justice is being served.

Jonathan Boulet - Dread Is This Place

alex on October 03 2012

A very old bearded Asian man (possibly Mr. Miyagi) Just came up to Athena (my pitbull) and me - pointed to her and goes "very strong!!" To which I replied "Don't be fooled - she's a wuss." Then a silence ensued while we made eye contact, aboout 4 seconds had passed when suddenly Mr. Miyagi burst out in the some of the hardest laughter I'd ever seen. So -to get to the point, I have a new best friend.

Woods - Bend Beyond

alex on October 02 2012

This song sure is swell! Let's bring it back.. that whole swell thing.

Craft Spells - After the moment

chris on October 02 2012

This album totally slipped my mind. I should have put this song up ages ago, and for that I apologize.

Rhye - The Fall

chris on October 01 2012

I swiped this from This Music Doesnt Suck. Smooth operator. Sick bass riffs, building vocals, drum fills, and trumpet suprises around every corner.

Tim Fitz - The Line

alex on October 01 2012

For some reason I'm really stoked for it to be Monday. Most likely due to the fact I get to work on LAR all week again. I tweeted Tim Fitz' band camp - go get his album for free or donate like I did --- because some people need donations to maintain a relatively free service but when their user base doesn't donate they have to redesign their website to support a boat load of ads. I've closed donations and those who were kind enough to donate (40 people out of about 15,000 regular listeners) will be recieving perks on V5 of left as rain. To everyone who has donated - we really appreciate it, youre good people.

Crystal Castles - Wrath Of God

alex on September 28 2012

On the off chance anyone is wondering how long I've worked on the new version of left as rain in the past 4 days - the number is 46 hours. One may refer to what I'm doing at the moment as slightly obsessive.... In other news: I make an angry face when I listen to this song - just because.

Ghostface x Beirut - Hood Internet Mashup

chris on September 27 2012

Alex is grinding away at coding a new site, LaR V5. Next stage is to get all up in yo interface.

Delicate Steve - Two Lovers

chris on September 26 2012

Hey dude, why dont you just chill out. Be exactly like this song and take it easy. Now that I think about it, two lovers seems like a terribly stressful situation to be in.

Dinosaur Jr - Stick A Toe In

chris on September 25 2012

This song could totally make it to my movie soundtrack. I dream of 90s though. Back in the all or nothing days.