Delicate Steve - Two Lovers

chris on September 26 2012

Hey dude, why dont you just chill out. Be exactly like this song and take it easy. Now that I think about it, two lovers seems like a terribly stressful situation to be in.

Dinosaur Jr - Stick A Toe In

chris on September 25 2012

This song could totally make it to my movie soundtrack. I dream of 90s though. Back in the all or nothing days.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis - Other Sides feat. Fences

alex on September 24 2012

Love him or hate him.. the dude makes good music.

Memory Tapes - Pink Stones

alex on September 22 2012

This track makes me feel like I'm driving through neo tokyo on an electric motorcycle bathing in flashing neon lights. yes - that was an Akira reference. The Akira reference in question came from the same guy who had a license plate which said Akira-28 - marinate on that listeners.

Dinosaur Jr. - Watch The Corners

chris on September 21 2012

Damn, now I have some walking home music that segways into shredding Friday night music. This video will take you back too, especially if you were the girl who went for that bad boy type.

Evangelicals - Skeleton Man

chris on September 20 2012

Hi God, how are you doing today? Good? Awesome. While I have your attention can I ask you for one quick thing? I don't ask you for much, but if it's not too much trouble can you put this knife out of my left eye?! Holy hangover. Oh yeah, for those who read this and are not God, this album is and has always been fucking amazing. Oh, and Pitchfork and KCRW, get your head out of your ass.

Macklemore And Ryan Lewis - Thrift Shop

chris on September 19 2012

The hook says it all. This is fucking awesome. Thanks Derek.

Pacific Air - Float

alex on September 18 2012

Rainy day feel good music... That's a real genre, right?

Band of Horses - Dumpster World

chris on September 18 2012

A bit of Neil Young a bit of kick ass. I suppose.

Black Mountain - Tyrants

chris on September 18 2012

I was walking over the bridge this morning. A storm was brewing, the wind was gusting and I was all alone as the dark sky rolled in. This song sums that up.