Luna - Ride Into The Sun

chris on June 29 2009

We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey - KM

J. Howells Werthman - This Moves Fast (feat. Lu...Rreals)

alex on June 29 2009

some fire. a fellow brooklynite, brynn, submitted this bangin track. i attempted at ryhming there... and failed miserably.

Basement Jaxx - Raindrops

alex on June 26 2009

Farrah Fawcet was the only thing keeping MJ alive. i feel like i havnt been cussing enough on here, i used to drop 20 f bombs in a row a row on here and not think twice. fuck fuck fuck fucking fuckity fucking fucky fuck fuck fucking god damn fuck. i am free again. one more thing.. ITS FRIDAY MOTHER FUCKERS.

MJ - Rock With You

chris on June 26 2009

No one, I mean NO ONE ever brought it like MJ. See you on the flip side my man.

Gossip - Four Letter Word

chris on June 25 2009

It looks like it's gonna rain again, another four letter word.

Black Moth Super Rainbow - Twin of Myself

alex on June 25 2009

A.) I love this band's name B.) I love this band C.) i love this album D.) is the fourth letter in the alphabet

Tapes N Tapes - Headshock

chris on June 23 2009

Sorry for the quality of this track.

Merz - Lucky Adam

alex on June 23 2009

fuckin merz. every album hes put out has had like 1 or 2 really fucking awesome songs and the rest are shit. take a step back and re-evaluate your shit man. you have so much potential. i need to train this man in the art of rocking out, our first course will be how to do the robot. he's gonna be all like, " YEA BUT ALEX WHAT DOES DOING THE ROBOT HAVE TO DO WITH MAKING GOOD MUSIC." to which i reply "everything young one, everything."

Chester French - Time to Unwind

chris on June 23 2009

work work work all day long. I need a vacation for f'n sure.

Malajube - Montreal -40C

alex on June 19 2009

read what chris said, come by and give us a high five. we love high fives and hope you do too. in fact if you dont like high fives youre most likely a nazi.