Merz - Lucky Adam

alex on June 23 2009

fuckin merz. every album hes put out has had like 1 or 2 really fucking awesome songs and the rest are shit. take a step back and re-evaluate your shit man. you have so much potential. i need to train this man in the art of rocking out, our first course will be how to do the robot. he's gonna be all like, " YEA BUT ALEX WHAT DOES DOING THE ROBOT HAVE TO DO WITH MAKING GOOD MUSIC." to which i reply "everything young one, everything."

Chester French - Time to Unwind

chris on June 23 2009

work work work all day long. I need a vacation for f'n sure.

Malajube - Montreal -40C

alex on June 19 2009

read what chris said, come by and give us a high five. we love high fives and hope you do too. in fact if you dont like high fives youre most likely a nazi.

Kid Cudi - Switchin Lanes

christopher on June 19 2009

No fuckin doubt! You know I stay on wheels kid. You can catch me and alex droppin hot biscuits tomorrow at TopShop 3-5. You know this.

Wailing Wall's - Autumn Beds

christopher on June 17 2009

Woah! Nick Drake meets Deertick. In it right now.

Daniel Rossen - Waterfall

alex on June 17 2009

for christ sake daniel rossen can you take a break from making amazing music for FOUR FUCKING SECONDS?!

Modest Mouse - Autumn Beds

christopher on June 17 2009

Let it go for pete's sake, let us have summer. who is this pete feller anyway?

Taken By Trees - Too Young (TTA Remix)

christopher on June 16 2009

Layers building and building.

The Most Serene Republic - Dont Hold Back, Feel A Little Longer

alex on June 16 2009

This band has secretely been one of my favorite bands for over two years. heres some new shit from them, goose bump worthy, hands down amazing album.

Radar Bros - Lake Life

chris on June 15 2009

This is the type of track that makes me want to be walking alone. My mind wanders as well.