Chairlift ft. Das Racist - Party (Beyonce cover)

alex on March 14 2012

Caroline Polachek.. I want to drink McDonald's shamrock shakes with you...

Wild Child - The Tale of You and Me

alex on March 14 2012

What the fuck is it about songs which have groups of people singing together which absolutely captivates me? That has to be some sort of innate human genetic tribal thing activating inside of us, whatever it is... i like it.

Miike Snow - God Help This Divorce

alex on March 13 2012

I'm way too indoors kid today for this weather.

Lemonade - Neptune

chris on March 13 2012

I wish Dr. Neil Degrasse Tyson could sit next to me and sooth my soul today with his deep voice and talk of the universe.

FTW - Terry Urban

chris on March 12 2012

Oooof, this is so golden. Lana Del Ray and Biggie mashup.

Daniel Rossen - Golden Mile

alex on March 12 2012

"There's bliss in this mess." Gotta love Daniel Rossen.

AU - Get Alive

alex on March 09 2012

My birthday is Sunday and I'll officially be 29. I always have a tough time answering someone when they ask me how old I am, I usually just respond with "thats a really good question!" then my inner monologe is something a long the lines of "how the fuck old am i??"

Superhumanoids - Geri

chris on March 09 2012

Touring with Active Child in May. Hmmmmm... all signs point to yes.

Sufjan Stevens - To Be Alone With You

a on March 08 2012

Just another night in shitshowville - mayor: me.

Stephen Malkmus and The Jinks - Forever 28

chris on March 08 2012

When in doubt, put that shit on random and see what comes around the bend.