Little Dragon - Klapp Klapp

Alex on April 16 2014

Like Garfield loves lasagna, Alex loves Little Dragon. Some things never change... But mostly all things change, a lot and all the time.

Wake Owl - Candy

chris on April 14 2014

I bet Canadians are about fed-up with being considered the USA's tag-along younger brother. Come on guys, wait up! Ehhh! These doods are cool though. And so is Broken Social Scene, obviously. And Mike Myers.

Wild Ones - Paia

Chris on April 14 2014

I was carrying a guitar in a case down the street a couple weeks ago, and let me tell you something. That shit's a woman magnet like I have never experienced. They had no idea that I can barely play a lick, but it didn't even matter. I had to duck around a corner to lose a few of them at one point. I may just start carrying around an empty case all the time.

Future Islands - A Dream of You and Me

chris on April 10 2014

Chris gives this album two thumbs up. I have every vinyl that Future Islands has released, and damn they keeps it real. Keeping current but still maintaining that signature sound that makes them amazing.

Young & Sick - Heartache Fetish

Alex on April 09 2014

Harmony, son.

Phoenix - SOS In Bel Air (Ariel Pink's rmx)

Alex on April 04 2014

Sometimes you're just extremely hungry and dirty at the same time. So much so it leads to only ONE logical conclusion - eat a slice of cold pizza in the shower. I'm not even ashamed.

SNOWMINE - Columbus

Alex on April 01 2014

I accidently typed SNOWMIME... which is actually pretty funny when you think about it. Snow is the perfect camouflage for a mime......... A predator serial killer mime who traps you in invisible boxes while it puts the lotion on.

Black Lips - Boys In The Wood

chris on April 01 2014

Feeling that southern pride today. I'm ready to hit the back streets pinning it in my mustang, tearing through the Georgia woods.

Garden City Movement

chris on March 31 2014

I would file this under the genre, Chill As Fuggg. You can do some serous contemplating to this music.

Seoul - Stay With Us

chris on March 26 2014

My office is moving down to Wall Street. Man, serious reality check when I just went down there. Financial district is seriously lacking in cute girls and restaurants. It was brutal down there. Please don't make me leave the East Village.