Kings of Convenience - Mrs Cold

chris on October 12 2009

Do yourself a solid and get this when it comes out on the 20th. I went to this show for my birthday and Feist showed up and sang from the balcony, no big deal.

Built To Spill - Things Fall Apart

chris on October 12 2009

So here is my favorite track off the new Built To Spill album. They get me everytime with those perfectly dark lyrics.

Spinto Band - Jackhammer (Slim Version)

alex on October 08 2009

This is what The Annuals should sound like right now, hear that Annuals?? you country blumpkin wanna-bes, you can now bow down to the almight Spinto Band.

Girls - Lust For Life

chris on October 07 2009

Come on come on come on. Gee wiz I love that part. This album is cool to the max. I posted Hellhole Ratrace last January, and it is one of my faves. Look into it cause it will change your world around.

Vampire Weekend - Horchata

alex on October 06 2009

oh hey vampire weekend, welcome back. im curious as to what kind of beverage horchata is, im affraid to look it up because it might ruin this vision i have in my head of something beyond amazing.

Woods - Military Madness

chris on October 06 2009

I am way into this Woods album. I seem to be drawn to his singing voice; it's like neil young singing high pitch. way cool.

the XX - Intro

chris on October 05 2009

Yes London! This is just badass. I think I am going to go walk down the street listening to this on repeat and ponder things.

the XX - Crystalised

chris on October 05 2009

Why is it so hard to pick up on an accent when people are singing in English. I don't get it.

The Soft Pack - Extinction

chris on October 05 2009

This band recently changed their name to The Soft Pack from The Muslims. Probably a good idea. Check out the video for this track as well. Holy fuck, it's already the 5th.

Sam Mean - Yeah Yeah

chris on October 01 2009

I need to get me a little bit of Yeah Yeah if you know what i mean, ehhh.... ehhh....