Sam Mean - Yeah Yeah

chris on October 01 2009

I need to get me a little bit of Yeah Yeah if you know what i mean, ehhh.... ehhh....

Zero 7 - Medicine Man

alex on October 01 2009

Oh October, my old friend, month of spookies and cavities, I welcome you with open arms. BUT I SWEAR TO GOD IF IT GETS ANY COLDER WERE GONNA HAVE PROBLEMS! got it October? just cause your name sounds German doesnt mean you scare me!

The Bloodsugars - Light At The End Of The Tunnel

alex on September 29 2009

new music tuesday, oh boy! new music, new cup of coffee, new post on left as rain. new...freshly washed hands? I ran out of new shit... New setence!

Le Loup - Forgive Me

christopher on September 29 2009

The Wolf gives us some more fantastic sounds. The percussion on this track is explosive, bring on the rain dance.

She and Him - Sentimental Heart

alex on September 28 2009

Dear Zooey, why do you have to be so incredibly good looking AND make good music.

Shannon Stevens - In Summer in the Heat

alex on September 26 2009

Gloomy day song, enjoy.

Buildings Breeding - Nothing Sacred Here

chris on September 26 2009

Hello friends. Here is a little diddy from one of my favorites.

Basement Jaxx - What's A Girl Gotta Do

alex on September 25 2009

Mmmm cheesy dancey goodness. Its friday people, big show in central park tonight. Phoenix and Passion Pit here I come.

Midnight Juggernauts - This New Technology

alex on September 23 2009

Its 7:02 pm, do you know where your chinchilla is?

Islands - Devout

alex on September 23 2009

Yessss, love me some Islands. check out the new album, you will not be disappointed. In other news: My new best friend works at the grocery store, hes the butcher. Im pretty sure this dude is secretly buddha in disguise, I instantly opened up to him after ordering a lb of salsalito turkey and half a lb of cheddar cheese. We chatted about growing old and life in general for a solid 15 minutes. cheers to you mr. butcher man.