King Krule - Rock Bottom

chris on November 08 2012

Truly one of the great artists of now. He somehow manages to be tough and sentimental with that amazing accent and voice. If he wasn't a daywalker I would definately be worried about him stealing our women.

Mesita - XYXY

chris on November 07 2012

I can't believe that hurricane was a week ago and now there's a snowstorm pounding us. I'm terribly sorry for those people who don't have a place to stay or no heat.

The Crystal Ark - Morir Sonando

chris on November 06 2012

Were you worried about me? No? Fuck off.

Melody's Echo Chamber - Quand Vas Tu Rentrer?

alex on November 05 2012

There's a 2 mile long wait for gas outside my apartment and another storm around the bend. Nothing but blue skies ahead, amirite guyz?! In other news: are you ever texting on your phone and auto correct provides a deep self-reflection that makes you question your existence? I was texting a buddy at a restaraunt waiting for him to show up… the word "bout" was auto-corrected to "gout" and my mind went swirling. Maybe I have the gout? Maybe my phone is trying to tell me something... the technology knows about my gout... I need to go to the doctor immediately. Shortly after my paranoid episode I ordered another tequila Diablo and everything was left as rain. That's like when they say the movie name in the movie... I went there.

Solid Gold - Sold God

alex on October 31 2012

Sooo... New York is a shit show...

AlunaGeorge - Your Drums, Your Love(Friendly Fires Remix)

alex on October 26 2012

If one more person says Frankenstorm I'm going to storm all over their franken, and that's a psalm brother. I guess my bar is probably set too high considering this is the same culture whom remakes remakes of movies. In other news: Halloween has descended upon us, its that time of year again where we all get to go out dressed like assholes and feel bad about our creativity. I've always had a serious issue with the lady costumes on Halloween, the whole slutty costume thing just seems so easy - it literally works with any concept.. Slutty parking ticket cop (slutty parking ticket would even work, slap some post-its on your nips and call it a day.), slutty circus performer, slutty walnut factory quality service inspector #4.. it all works. And for those curious.. this isn't the chick from Little Dragon but damn does she sound like it.

MØ - Pilgrim

chris on October 24 2012

New babe on the radar. Babe-ar. Oh and thanks for the name which I have no clue how to pronounce, and will probably make an ass out of me once this is popular.

Citizens! - True Romance(Gigamesh Remix)

alex on October 22 2012

I've been a big follower of the Kitsune Maison compilations for years now. This one didn't quite deliver the same amount of pure gold tracks like previous mixes had. In other news: Today I saw a full grown man walk face first into a closed glass door, dude was speed walking like he was on a mission too. Next time slow down, bro. It bugs me how people walk in NYC, like where they're going is the most important destination known to man when in reality they're just going to Pet Land to buy Mr. Rufus some more wee-wee pads.

Local Natives - Breakers

alex on October 18 2012

Haven't heard from these guys in a solid minute. Welcome back Local Natives - I'm anticipating your new album which comes out Jan 29, 2013. Feels really weird typing out 2013. Seriously though where's the hovering skateboards? I could do without all the crazy future technology just give me a god damn plank that floats. Is that so much to ask, techology?

Surahn - Watching The World

chris on October 17 2012

Just in case you were wondering, watching a street bum try out a pogo stick he found in the trash, is hilarious. He had some skills too.