Junior Boys - Parallel Lines

chris on July 15 2009

I thought this was a nine inch nails song when it started. I don't want to say I was dissapointed when the truth was revealed but... you know. what you dont know? I hate you.

Animal Collective - Daily Routine(Phase One Remix)

alex on July 15 2009


Rogue Wave - Lake Michigan

chris on July 13 2009

Speaking of the passed away. Let us not forget about summers past. So in honor of last summer, here is one of my jams from yesteryear.

Air - Do the Joy

alex on July 13 2009

The latest from air. so first pool party of the year happened sunday, was a great time, the new venue is outstanding. good work jelly. if youre in the nyc area and you dont come next sunday im gonna be pissed at you. unless of course youre going to a funeral, in which case may the departed one rest in peace. see what i did there? i silently judged you.

The Smith Westerns - Boys Are Fine

chris on July 13 2009

18 year olds that sound like they were recorded in a basement in mid 60s london.

The Breeders - Fate to Fatal

chris on July 13 2009

Happy b-day lady. Here is one from their latest self-released album.

Holy Ghost - I Will Come Back

chris on July 10 2009

Whoa day chill out, you may be getting too bluey. WHO WANTS A MUSTACHE RIDE?!!!! This video is f'n sick btw. Say hi to sister Millhiser in there.

Peter Bjorn and John - It Dont Move Me(Miike Snow Remix)

alex on July 10 2009

Miike Snow is the new Peter Gabriel. There, I said it.

Miike Snow - Animal

chris on July 09 2009

I just want to give the comment below a shout out. Sup dude! You're doing a great job!

Golden birds - Blood Stream

alex on July 08 2009

OH HEY Y'ALL! what am i doing you say? oh well not too much... just sitting around waiting to fucking ROCK OUT TO KAY KAY AND HIS WEATHERED UNDERGROUND tonight. no big deal.