Joe Goddard - Taking Over

chris on April 30 2014

This is Joe Goddard of Hot Chip. Listen to him whisper softly into your ear.

Milk Music - Out of My World

chris on April 30 2014

There's this part where the music almost cuts out, and then Charles Waring shreds down the fretboard. Oh Mama, that just gave me shivers.

Belle and Sebastian - I'm A Cuckoo

chris on April 30 2014

I don't really fit in with the lunch crowd down here on Wall St, the world of power suits and power ties. But hey, the waitresses freaking love me. What the fuck is a power tie? Some sort of broad stripe I assume.

Black Lips - Smiling

chris on April 30 2014

This is a song about regretful decisions made while inebriated.

Woolfy - City Lights

chris on April 29 2014

The other track on this EP is a heavy deep groove. This track has more of a Margaritaville vibe, but I still love it.

Pillar Point - Cherry - Music Go Remix

chris on April 28 2014

I've figured out that the better your view is at work, the more you want to leave work to be out in the view.

Milk Music - Lacey's Secret

chris on April 28 2014

I'm not positive, but I bet Lacy's Secret is her naughty place.

Night Moves - In the Rounds

chris on April 28 2014

Sorry for screwing up the rotation. Alex will fix it soon.

Chet Faker - 1998

chris on April 25 2014

Lets see... in 1998 I was a Sophomore in high school. Drinking beers at the radio tower and making out with Candice Lee in the outdoor shower while my parents were out of town.

Ba-kuura x Objectives - Make Out

alex on April 25 2014

If traps your thing check out Moving Castle Vol. 001. If going on vacation for a week starting this very second is your thing - you are me and reading this in some sort alternate time space. Hey buddy!