Ba-kuura x Objectives - Make Out

alex on April 25 2014

If traps your thing check out Moving Castle Vol. 001. If going on vacation for a week starting this very second is your thing - you are me and reading this in some sort alternate time space. Hey buddy!

MV and EE - Workingman's Smile

chris on April 25 2014

These two may have a diet consisting of wheat germ and flax seed, and give away their own fecal matter as organic compost to local farmers in need, but I give them a pass. Cause this song is pretty rad. Check out The Wood's new record label called Woodsist.

The Babies - Get Lost

chris on April 24 2014

Do you want to go see The Babies? said the man. OH MY GOD GET AWAY FROM ME YOU PERVERT, said the lady.

Phantom Planet - Turn Smile Shift Repeat

Alex on April 22 2014

I recently re-visited Phantom Planet's discography. This is now my new favorite jam by the planeteers. I would do horribly filthy things for a new Phantom Planet album.

Plants and Animals - Bye Bye Bye

chris on April 22 2014

This post is a reminder. Alex and I have discussed, and Parc Avenue by Plants and Animals can very well be a top ten album. I'm talking one of those start to finish albums that can compete with the greats. To induct an relatively current album into the hall of greats, it has to have that staying power. And let me tell you this my friend, this album is a fucking banger for life.

Sylvan Esso - Play It Right

alex on April 17 2014

Sometimes I feel like the genre of music I love is evolving into something I don't really enjoy listening to. All my spot on music sources have since moved onto either punk garbage, absurdly minimal music, or white people hip hop. I suppose my aural aesthetics are getting old just like me. I remember feeling the same way when I first moved to NYC in 2006.. All I wanted to do was wear cargo camo shorts all the time. Cargo camo shorts are just not cool and out of fear of being judged by New York's Finest Fashion Police I shelved the camo cargoes. However as the fashion world turns camo cargoes inevitably will become fashionable again so my Abercrombie cargo shorts from 2001 wait patiently in my closet. When the time does finally come I'll be rocking a sick pair of vintage camo cargo shorts.

Connan Mockasin - I'm the Man

chris on April 16 2014

Amazing psyche-pop from this weirdo that's on Brooklyn's own label, Mexican Summer. They have quite a stable of musicians. Look out for Vietnam's comeback album as well.

Pillar Point - Touch

chris on April 16 2014

If I post anymore Pillar Point my girl is gonna think something funny is going on between us. Oh snap, that just reminded me of Secret Lover by That Work. FunkNastay.

Little Dragon - Klapp Klapp

Alex on April 16 2014

Like Garfield loves lasagna, Alex loves Little Dragon. Some things never change... But mostly all things change, a lot and all the time.

Wake Owl - Candy

chris on April 14 2014

I bet Canadians are about fed-up with being considered the USA's tag-along younger brother. Come on guys, wait up! Ehhh! These doods are cool though. And so is Broken Social Scene, obviously. And Mike Myers.