I Am the Cosmos - Dislocate

chris on May 16 2013

Excuse me while I add this to my Driving Around And Not Giving A Fuck playlist.

Pine Mall - Hi Lo

chris on May 16 2013

pine mall music dot com

Local Natives - Wooly Robots

alex on May 16 2013

This magically appeared on Local Natives Soundcloud yesterday. I don't know who you are future robot local native but I love you. An album of this stuff would be auditory gold -- like two unicorns harmonizing their mating call.

Wild Nothing - A Dancing Shell

Alex on May 15 2013

Just spent 3 hours cleaning my apt. There's something about cleaning that just drains my soul.. that coupled with the fact that the carpet cleaner I used smells like piss that's been sitting in a rusty bucket for 3 weeks.

Banks - Warm Water

Alex on May 14 2013

I think there's a direct correlation between how much someone looks like a dinosaur and the amount of crack they smoke. Speaking of dinosaurs.. this track was produced by my main man Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaur (that exhausts my fingers to type).

MS MR - Fantasy

Alex on May 13 2013

Florence and The Machine.. is that you? ... no? Could have fooled me. You currently have one and a half weeks before this song is playing on repeat in Urban Outfitters so get your Herschel backpacks and Happy Feet socks before you hate this track more than MGMT's Kids during the summer of 2007.

Doug Pasley - What About Us

chris on May 13 2013

There is so much electronic stuff floating around these days, it's nice to hear from a legitimate singer songwriter.

Thundercat - Hearbreaks Setbacks

chris on May 13 2013

Candy Crush level 70 is really fucking my shit up.

Speak - Carrie (Miniature Tigers Remix)

Alex on May 12 2013

Hey look! No ads! and just like that my dream of sitting around and music blogging while making money off banners dies. Next up -- apparel.

Majestyy - The Notion

chris on May 10 2013

We've officially run out of band names. Apparently the only choices now are made out of multiple species of animal, and also adding extra letters. So in case you were thinking of a name for your group, Bear Chicken and Felloww are available. I still love Majestyy.