Majestyy - The Notion

chris on May 10 2013

We've officially run out of band names. Apparently the only choices now are made out of multiple species of animal, and also adding extra letters. So in case you were thinking of a name for your group, Bear Chicken and Felloww are available. I still love Majestyy.

Bibio - Business Park

Alex on May 08 2013

New Bibio jump off is perfect for this rainy Wednesday afternoon here in Brooklyn. You know what else is perfect for today? Procrastination. --and maybe bloody marys. Bloodymarstination Wednesdays! I just made myself nauseous.

YACHT - Second Summer RAC Remix

chris on May 07 2013

Second Summer is an incredible concept, and at this rate of climate change it'll probably be an endless summer... or winter. This is where I stand strong and avoid an obvious Game of Thrones reference. BTW DFA stands for Dont Fuck Around.

Classixx - All You're Waiting For

chris on May 06 2013

Classixx are nice with it. Good to hear my pal Nancy Whang on this track. What a talented babe.

Small Black - All the Rainbows

chris on May 06 2013

Man, it's been a grip since I was so hurt by alcohol. This could turn into a three day hangover. brutal. Fuck you mint juleps.

Small Black - Only A Shadow

Alex on May 06 2013

Monday.. you are like that annoying red head kid I went to 3rd grade with; I'm certain he was genetically predisposed to be annoying. He couldn't help it -- you could tell he tried so damn hard not to say stupid shit but as hard as he tried he just made it worse. Maybe Monday just needs more self confidence? Maybe Monday needs to embrace the fact that it is hated, even detested, amongst the days of the week. Here's my advice to you Monday -- delete Facebook and hit the gym.

Netherfriends - Really

chris on May 02 2013

Dug this puppy out of the archives. By archives I mean, lost on a random harddrive.

Butterclock - Hustling

chris on May 02 2013

If Lana Del Ray got a little thuggish.

Speak - Peaks

alex on May 01 2013

Speak Peaks? Say that 10 times fast. You cannot.

Built to Spill - Kicked it in the Sun

chris on April 30 2013

Now you stop right the fuck there and listen. Put down the stupid phone game you're looking at and stop answering goddamn emails for once. Built to Spill comes at you with an emotional roller coaster of poetry. Beautiful and dark. So absorb it in it's purist state.