Field - Sunday

chris on January 04 2010

Love the layering on this track. Big shout out to the Malcolm for doing a feature on us today.

Harlem Shakes - Strictly Game

chris on January 03 2010

I felt this was an appropriate choice for the first song of 2010. On another note, this bender has got to come to an end.

Think About Life - Sweet Sixteen

chris on December 31 2009

NOW YOU LISTEN TO ME! 2010 is the year that is going to turn things around. I know some of you have fallen on harsh times, but I can tell there is hope. Some say that '69 was the year that really turned things around which kinda makes more sense, but don't listen to them cause I wasnt even born yet.

MC Chris - Emo Party

alex on December 31 2009

happy news years kids! 2010 will be the year of the left as rain, its a real animal. look that shit up. it looks like that giant red thing the dude in avatar rides.

A.C.Newman - Like A Hitman, Like A Dancer

chris on December 31 2009

I am wishing everyone a Hapy New Year, that is after the clock, wherever you may be, strikes midnight. Now excuse me while I go for a snowy stroll through the streets of Brooklyn.

Banjo Or Frweakout - Upside Down

chris on December 30 2009

There seems to be alot of pressure on what one does on New Years Eve, so i will drown out all of the worries with this industrial yet ambient track from a band with a terrible name.

Miike Snow - Animal(Mark Ronson rmx)

alex on December 29 2009

Father winter must be an abusive dad because this weather has been no joke, im seriously considering wearing a snuggie....outside. This track makes me want to become a stoner, Marley didn't even have that effect on me. big ups to my rude boy mark ronson! LORDAMERCY!

Letting Up Despite Great Faults - In Steps

christopher on December 29 2009

To help forget how blistering cold out it is, I will play this relaxing song off of one stellar album. If you dig this track, then you without a doubt love the rest of the long play. Umm... 40mph wind makes our local tempeture feel as if it were 4 degrees.

Local Natives - World News

alex on December 29 2009

just to drive the point home that local natives are the shit. in other news: its fucking 19 degrees in new york city right now.

CFCF - You Hear Colours

Christopher on December 26 2009

Love it. Time to hit the road jack, see you on the flippy new york. Chris is coming home.