Genesis - The Brazilian

christopher on September 29 2010

Go to school world and learn from one of the best. Happy Friday and have fun drinking while i'm stuck at work.

Everything Everything - MY KZ UR BF

chris on September 29 2010

From the album man alive. These guys have an apes and androids vibe about them. Chris has a headache.

Former Ghosts - Us and Now

chris on September 28 2010

Thanks you for the creative writing assignment alex.

Belle and Sebastian - I Want The World To Stop

alex on September 27 2010

I just got caught doing the robot, I was walking down the street and I thought I was alone and there was a car alarm going off right next to me(for those of you who havnt been to NYC car alarms are basically the equivalent of birds chirping). For some reason I equate being alone on the street and a car alarm blairing in my ear with doing the robot, so I busted out a serious robot mid stride. After about 15 seconds of doing some solid robot action I realized some dude had been watching me the whole time, about 10 ft away from me. I tried to work it back in to my walk stride, like maybe i was having a mild seizure or a really weird limp. I'm pretty sure he bought it.

Local Natives - Eyes Wide (Fool's Gold Remix)

alex on September 24 2010

Are you fucking kidding me? amazing remix. goose bumps all the way.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. - God Only Knows

chris on September 24 2010

Never look back.

The Hundred In The Hands - Pigions

alex on September 21 2010

Dear old asian woman on the L train this morning cleaning your ears with q-tips, please don't do that.

Plants and Animals - Kon Tiki

chris on September 21 2010

Plants and Animals are amazing. Speaking of amazing, I felt amazing when I got off jury duty this morning and stepped into the sunshine. I felt like I had been released from prison.

Perfume - Kiss and Music

chris on September 20 2010

I highly recommend that you do not download the entire album based on this track. However, if you are in fact a 13 year old japanese schoolgirl, scream and shout and run to the store immediately to spend all your allowance.

Röyksopp - Forsaken Cowboy

alexander on September 19 2010

sweet track bro.