Plants and Animals - Kon Tiki

chris on September 21 2010

Plants and Animals are amazing. Speaking of amazing, I felt amazing when I got off jury duty this morning and stepped into the sunshine. I felt like I had been released from prison.

Perfume - Kiss and Music

chris on September 20 2010

I highly recommend that you do not download the entire album based on this track. However, if you are in fact a 13 year old japanese schoolgirl, scream and shout and run to the store immediately to spend all your allowance.

Röyksopp - Forsaken Cowboy

alexander on September 19 2010

sweet track bro.

Blonde Redhead - My Plants Are Dead

chris the voice of reason thomas on September 17 2010

Hear one alex. Hear one.

DJ Shadow - I've Been Trying

ghostbuster mejias on September 16 2010

This message is mainly directed at Chris but you guys can listen in. I was walking out of the bathroom today and your old radio turned on by itself. There is only one explanation to this phenomenon and that is ghosts. I expect the radio to be buried in the back yard BEFORE sun down. mama didnt raise no fool Chris, I know a ghost when I see one.

Super Drag - Sucked Out

alexander feeling sucker mejias on September 15 2010

Taking it back to 199motherfuckin6. I've been keeping a secret for 14 years that I'd like to share with all my listeners... are you ready? you might want to sit down. it was me. i sucked out the feeling.

The Love Language - Heart To Tell

christopher on September 14 2010

Making up for lost time. If we are going to have a relationship here friends, you have to be able to forgive and forget. Let's just look to the future. Hah, I like that lyric, you can walk all over me, just don't walk away.

El Guincho - Bombay

christopher on September 14 2010

I didnt even get past the first song before decided to put it up on the site. Steel drums are the new cowbell. Probably because they make more than one noise.

Black Angels - Phosphene Dream

christopher on September 14 2010

texan phsycadelic rock. I'm getting weird on your office speakers today, or do you use headphones? Also, why is weird spelled like that? I thought I was before E except after C and in some cases Y. I think it's just because it's weird. I should have said strange and avoided this whole debacle.

Winter Gloves - Trap The Mouse

alex on September 13 2010

Boy o' boy, I've been busy(i never pictured myself saying boy o' boy, maybe man o' man but never boy). Tomorrow I sign a lease on my new apartment, fun times! So for all those Brooklyn folk next to Flushing Ave and Broadway we're going to be neighbors! Chris and myself have been busy bros so things are a little slow here. We still heart you though.