Funeral Suits - Colour Fader

chris on August 31 2011

Nice recommend from Arvind over at Street Carnage.

Holy Ghost! - Some Children

chris on August 31 2011

Neighborhoodies holy ghost are so on fire with this track, it is beyond funny. And oh yeah... that's Michael McDonald on there.

SCUM - White Chapel

chris on August 31 2011

A great mesh of timeless styles here. well done. amazing video too.

Big KRIT - Gumpshun

chri, southern for chris on August 29 2011

Gumpshun, southern for balls.

Intergalatic Lovers - Shewolf

alex on August 29 2011

Cool storm, bro.

Bombay Bicycle Club - Shuffle

alex on August 26 2011

Those of you who know me personally probably know about my obsession with mead. Fermented honey and water, honey that gets you drunk. People say, Alex, why do you drink that piss? You know what I say? Frat boys drink beer, jersey douche fucks drink jager, skinny bitches drink wine, FUCKING KINGS DRINK MEAD. now excuse me while I pour myself another glass of Ragnar's reserve and reconnect with my Norse brethren.

Motronomy - She Wants

chris on August 25 2011

try not moving to this. I fucking dare you. I fucking double dog dare you.

Caged Animals - Teflon Heart

chris on August 25 2011

Get ready for the cain new york. Listening to people in NY talk about the Hurricane leads me to believe people up here dont know shit about how devastating these can be.

Neon Indian - Polish Girl

alex on August 23 2011

If this shit doesnt make you feel like youre living in the future nothing will. ... besides jet packs. and lights sabers.. and jetpacks that shoot light sabers. I should have stopped at jet packs.

Crystal Fighters - At Home

chris on August 23 2011

That's no earthquake. Just a 5 point 8 magnitude hit dropping on leftasrain.