Caged Animals - Teflon Heart

chris on August 25 2011

Get ready for the cain new york. Listening to people in NY talk about the Hurricane leads me to believe people up here dont know shit about how devastating these can be.

Neon Indian - Polish Girl

alex on August 23 2011

If this shit doesnt make you feel like youre living in the future nothing will. ... besides jet packs. and lights sabers.. and jetpacks that shoot light sabers. I should have stopped at jet packs.

Crystal Fighters - At Home

chris on August 23 2011

That's no earthquake. Just a 5 point 8 magnitude hit dropping on leftasrain.

Grimes - Vanessa

chris on August 22 2011

St. Simons Island for life!! Good to be back though.

Rapture - It Takes Time To Be A Man

alex on August 10 2011

Im tan as fuck. In other news: Rapture kills it on their latest album. Chris and myself were lucky enough to see them at a secret show in a tiny venue in williamsburg(way too many prepositions there). Crazy good.

Slowdance - Sweetness

chris on August 10 2011

What he said.

Paper Rabit - Rose Mary Stretch

alex on August 10 2011

Only a few short days until Chris, our crew, and myself embark on our St. Simons beach extravaganza. Spelling extravaganza was really intimidating but I think I pulled it off. I like to live dangerously and not spell check.

Jay Z and Kanye West - Why I Love You

chris on August 08 2011

Brother birthday shoutout. This album is pretty effing on time. Killer beats.

Noel Gallaghers High Flying Birds - The Death of You and Me

alex on August 07 2011

Wow, I didnt think Noel Gallagher still had it in him, excuse me while I go remove my foot from my mouth.

Ambulance LTD - Straight As

alex on August 07 2011

Time to slow things down a bit. I get a little semi boner when he hits that note singing "believe me."