Friendly Fires - Skeleton Boy

chris on January 16 2008

Arex sent me the video to this song earlier today, and I suggest you take a gander because it is a trip.

M83 - Graveyard Girl

chris on January 16 2008

Damn Alex, take a break, let me take over for a sec. You just sit back and put your feet up.

Late Of the Pier - Bathroom Gurgle

alex on January 16 2008

Ok seriously, I think im done posting for today, maybe... How sick is this jam? This album will be your new best friend, hang out with it, take it to the park, have dinner with it, get fucked up with it, make jokes with it until one day it breaks your heart when youre standing on the dance floor while it dances with some other dude. you know, normal shit.

Lil Wayne - Lollipop(Nasty Ways rmx)

alex on January 16 2008

As you can see I blew my cache of music to post on the site, enjoy your weekend.

Portugal The Man - Shade

alex on January 16 2008

So i got a new keyboard and im the midst of writing hit songs, i taught myself how to play half of coldplay's clock last night. I feel accomplished. if you wanna keep track of our progress as a band not just DJs add us on myspace or become a fan of left as rain on facebook, seriously though, if you enjoy the site and appreciate what we do please add us on facebook and myspace, its as simple as that.

Nalepa - Monday(Glitch Mob rmx)

alex on January 16 2008

sssooooo, if you google new music blog were the 5th search result, right below our buddies rolling stone.

Franz Ferdinand - No You Girls Never Know

alex on January 16 2008

I think I kicked my sickness, im almost back to full karate chopping kick ass ninja robot mode.

Phoenix - Long Distance Call

chris on January 15 2008

Good Ole' Phoenix. Dudes are dropping a greatly anticipated album this Spring. OK, time to go outside so let us see how cold it is outside here... 18 degrees and feels like 6 degrees. GREAT!

TV on the Radio - Crying

chris on January 15 2008

People have been raving about this album for a grip now, and let me tell you one thing. I would be happy with the album if it just had this song repeated 11 times. That guitar makes me super happy.

Army Navy - Get Right Back(Where We Started From)

alex on January 15 2008

i'm sick, i have 2 meetings today - one of which is going on as i post this. send soup.