Flume - The Greatest View

Alex on May 20 2014

I seem to have found myself very busy with work. My day normally entails sitting down in the morning with a big cup of coffee ready to bite a huge chunk out of one of my projects - then I get an e-mail. After I answer said e-mail I have 4 more to answer... this process repeats itself until around 4pm - 5pm comes around and I want to send a baseball bat through my monitor. I drink another coffee and finally get some work done around 6pm. No punchline here folks, just me wallowing in self pity.

Pastor T L Barrett and the Youth For Christ Choir - Nobody Knows

chris on May 19 2014

This, my friends was re-released on vinyl by Light In the Attic Records. So repent, and let the light of the lord lead you through the fiery golden flames of life without being burned. Let me hear you say Amen! You will be saved my children.

Mac DeMarco - Goodbye Weekend

chris on May 19 2014

There you go again... Acting like your life is already over. Listen to more Mac.

Little Dragon - Nabuma Rubberband

Alex on May 14 2014

Still Little Dragon. Still killing it. Their latest album, Nabuma Rubberband (whatever the fuck that means), is painstakingly good.

Blackbird Blackbird - Into The Sun

Alex on May 09 2014

Vibing real nicely with this washed out drum situation. On a completely unrelated note I've been driving around a lot more now that I've left NYC. You may ask "Hey Alex - what do you notice most when driving around town??" Well eager listener, I'll tell you. The biggest lesson I've learned is there's a distinct correlation between a meth addiction and standing in the very narrow median on a busy street.

Glass Animals - Gooey

chris on May 07 2014

This one is by request. Shout out to Brian Bauer in Bozeman. You don't happen to know my buddy Blake Tharp do you?

Mirah - 24th St

Alex on May 07 2014

There was a point in my life I was obsessed with Mirah. I've probably listened to Cold Cold Water 7,233 times, while there isn't quite a single of that magnitude on Changing Light it still sounds unmistakably mirah-ish. mirage. mirah mirage-joke under construction.

Craft Spells - Komorebi

chris on May 07 2014

I don't know if you've ever injured your back before, but this shit is no joke. I'm not a pussy either, I freaking broke my pelvis once, I know what pain is. That shit took me into an outer body experience. For what felt like a minute I was looking down on myself crawling. This back thing is different though. It's like you are periodically and randomly being struck by lightning and stabbed at the same time throughout the day.

Moon Dudes - Beach

chris on May 01 2014

I can't take this heat in the city. It's absolutely unbearable. 73 degrees is like living on the sun! Bring on the Winter.

Joe Goddard - Taking Over

chris on April 30 2014

This is Joe Goddard of Hot Chip. Listen to him whisper softly into your ear.