Banjo Or Frweakout - Upside Down

chris on December 30 2009

There seems to be alot of pressure on what one does on New Years Eve, so i will drown out all of the worries with this industrial yet ambient track from a band with a terrible name.

Miike Snow - Animal(Mark Ronson rmx)

alex on December 29 2009

Father winter must be an abusive dad because this weather has been no joke, im seriously considering wearing a snuggie....outside. This track makes me want to become a stoner, Marley didn't even have that effect on me. big ups to my rude boy mark ronson! LORDAMERCY!

Letting Up Despite Great Faults - In Steps

christopher on December 29 2009

To help forget how blistering cold out it is, I will play this relaxing song off of one stellar album. If you dig this track, then you without a doubt love the rest of the long play. Umm... 40mph wind makes our local tempeture feel as if it were 4 degrees.

Local Natives - World News

alex on December 29 2009

just to drive the point home that local natives are the shit. in other news: its fucking 19 degrees in new york city right now.

CFCF - You Hear Colours

Christopher on December 26 2009

Love it. Time to hit the road jack, see you on the flippy new york. Chris is coming home.

Robert Palmer - Woke Up Laughing

Alex on December 25 2009

sooo, we've almost streamed almost 1 terabyte of data this month, which is media temple's max. We may have to switch hosting companies soon since media temple has shit for packages. Any listeners want to offer us a sweet deal? I heard this song watching Pineapple Express last night, one of the 5 movies I watched yesterday. YOU JUST GOT KILLED BY A DAE WOO LANOS MOTHER FUCKER!

Steve Martin and Bernadette Peters - Tonight You Belong To Me

Christopher on December 25 2009

I know, I Know, You belong to somebody new, But Tonight you belong to me. Merry Christmas. This song will only stay up for a day so soak it in.

Bombay Bicycle Club - You Already Know

santa's little helper alex on December 24 2009

holy reindeer pellet poop my arms hurt, i just shoveled snow for 2 hours. me 1 snow 0. happy holidays kiddos.

Shout Out Louds - Walls

William Christopher Thomas on December 24 2009

Thank you Shout OUt Louds for giving me this song, it really did a number on me. Off their upcoming album to be released next year.

Pants Yell! - Cold Hands

christopher on December 23 2009

Best not talk to loud, You're not as smart as you require of them. Time to tie one on friends.