Ejecta - Beast

Alex on July 02 2014

After googling Ejecta (aka the hot chick from Neon Indian) for a cover image I come to find she really enjoys being topless. I had difficulty finding pictures which didn't contain her tits - why can't I always have this problem? Ejecta - pretty good boobs (and music).

PAPA - Ain't it So

chris on July 02 2014

I've come to hate brunch. The name brunch even gets under my skin. If you ask me to eat brunch at 3 in the afternoon, I might spit on you.

Avid Dancer - Stop Playing With My Heart

chris on July 01 2014

U - S - A! U - S - A!

Thief - Broken Boy

chris on July 01 2014

The main thing I miss about the south is not the relaxed pace of living, or the generally better quality of life... it's the Waffle House.

BROODS - Bridges (L D R U Remix)

chris on June 27 2014

Posting has been sporadic, and for that I apologize. Let's just put it behind us and drop that fat azz to the beat. This is what I call a... hells yeah it's Friday lets get fucking loose track. Imma see y'al in the streets!

Matt Kivel - Insignificance

chris on June 24 2014

Continuing on the theme of thinking music, I bring you Matt Kivel. Just be sure not to slit your wrists.

Antlers - Intruders

alex on June 23 2014

One of those songs you can just lose yourself in. Bills, drama, work, future - none of that shit matters when you find yourself knee deep in a heart heavy melody. Antlers AKA soul bathing music.

Juveniles - Hard Working Girl

chris on June 20 2014

Friday, super nice, still at work. You kids go enjoy yourselves though. Don't you worry about Chris over here, have yourselves a good time. Jump in some water or something for me.

Kitty - Marijuana (produced by Chrome Sparks)

chris on June 19 2014

Sweet Kitty, why ya have to do me like that? You continuously drop that white hot fire and it melts my heart.

Museum of Bella Artes - Twine

Alex on June 19 2014

When I think back on all the things that have disappointed me in my life I always end up back at one sorrow defining experience. About 6 years ago I bought a Planet Earth DVD - it was the one with Sigourney fucking Weaver narrating and not David Attenborough. I was defeated that day.