Efterklang - Modern Drift

alex on March 16 2010

Im not exactly sure how i missed these guys. our friends, Efterklang, from Denmark have been making albums since 2000! thats 10 years of awesome albums! 10 years ago i was just losing my virginity and couldnt last longer than 2 minutes in bed. thank god i got better at that, i can last 3 now.

Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar

christopher on March 15 2010

I just got cable! First time in 10 years as a matter or fact. This is the theme for an HBO show that I will soon be tuning into with my new multi-purpse remote control.

Dan Aubrech - The Prowl

christopher on March 14 2010

Grit. Unadulterated pure grit.

Two Door Cinema Club - Undercover Martyn Flexin' (Passion Pit rmx)

alex on March 12 2010

sooooo it was my birthday yesterday, yada yada yada, headache. in other news: pretty much anything two door cinema club i like, can we please get an LP from these guys?

Gil Scott-Heron - Me and The Devil

christopher on March 11 2010

I'm New Here is the title of his new record, which is by no means the truth. This is a suprisingly progressive album given the fact that he is a legend of soul and jazz spoken word from the seventies. When this song came on, I almost thought it was Massive Attack.

Holy Ghost! - On Board (Friendly Fires Cover)

alex on March 10 2010

A great band covering another great band's song, what could go wrong? they probably said that about the hindenburg too though.... because in that case, what went wrong was a flaming horrific gorey crash. so next time you say what could go wrong, just remember exactly what could go wrong - death by fire.

Tanlines - Real Life - Memory Tapes Remix

christopher on March 10 2010

An intellectual is someone whose mind watches itself - AC

Thao - Easy

alex on March 09 2010

I get so pumped up when I check out the google analytics for left as rain lately, were spread out pretty evenly all over the globe at this point. music! fuckyeah! im gonna take it back to 2009 with some solid Thao to honor the coming warm weather. spring, we welcome you with open arms...while wearing a trench coat... naked.

Kisses - Bermuda

christopher on March 09 2010

Came across this duo while i was checking out some sxsw lineups. Now excuse me while I go bask in the mid 50s sun.

Brothers of End - Big Bird

christopher on March 08 2010

Speaking of boners, the band below is playing with Plants and Animals on Wednesday at Music Hall of Williamsburg. Ooops, sold out. Anti-boner.