Vuk - The Arms Of Spirits

alex on April 16 2009

fuck yes to warm weather. high five mother nature! whats that mother nature?? no i will not let you give me a hand job! ok.. just this once.

The Owls - Air

chris on April 15 2009

Hey Heartbreak, how have you been? I havent seen you in a couple hours. Welcome Back.

Handsome Furs - Thy Will Be Done

chris on April 15 2009

Step one: Realize that you have a problem. Thanks alot guys! My Handsome Furs obsession was realized without your stupid intervention. Now excuse me while I go overdose on my vices all by my lonesome.

The Epochs - Opposite Sides

alex on April 15 2009

epochs are rocking my world right now, chill out and let them rock yours too. whats that? you dont want the epochs to rock your world? WELL YOU CAN GO FUCK YOURSELF! im sorry i yelled. lets make up and high five.

E-603 - Crunk Colony

alex on April 14 2009

BONJOUR!! here's a track for the kids into mash ups, this dudes stuff is available for free at

Modest Mouse - Satellite Skin

chris on April 14 2009

There should be a new EP or some singles about to drop!

Red Monroe - Pat Mayes Lake

chris on April 14 2009

Wow alex, didnt you do that all last night. MOLEMAN!!

Bran Van 3000 - Loaded

alex on April 14 2009

good ol bran van 3000, this shit reminds me of sitting in my college dorm room by myself, smoking pot, and playing whatever first person shooter that was popular at the time.

Handsome Furs - White City

chris on April 13 2009

Hell, Why not? Take a double dose.

Handsome Furs - Talking Hotel Arbot Blues

chris on April 13 2009

Mondays are so great, especially when it feels like theres an icepick sticking into your kidney. This new bed is playing tricks on me and I'm not laughing.