Digitalism - Just Gazin

chris on July 21 2011

I won the lottery in my dream last night. Needless to say, it was super tough coming to grips with reality this morning.

Ram Di Dam - Flashbacks

alex on July 19 2011

I swear... pop music like this must be made in a fucking lab with monkies hooked up to headphones and brain wave monitors with 20 scientists behind a one sided mirror each with their own clipboard. I want to hate this song but it is impossible, I am genetically predisposed to love this song.

Portugal The Man - Senseless

alex on July 19 2011

You guys heard of this stuff called music? pretty good.

M83 - Midnight City

chris on July 19 2011

M83 is the orchestra of my futuristic life. I see it now, the year 2147 and it's up to me to save all of humankind. I think they would be in.

Delicate Steve Feat Zach Hill - Many Moods

chris on July 18 2011

So here is Delicate Steves internal dialog. Hey Steve, you rock at guitar. You know who rocks at drums, Zach. We should like totally make music together. My people should contact his people.

Wugazi - Sleep Rules Everything Around Me

alex on July 14 2011

Woke up with some inner ear fluid issue(sexy, right?), I'm walking like an old drunk polish guy in green point.

Good Night, States - All On Your Own

alex on July 12 2011

Killer ghost solo on this track.

Foster The People - Helena Beat

chris on July 11 2011

Banging on all cylinders. I just did a rock kick with a smooth transition to roundhouse kick that broke the sound barrier. ZIP BOOM!

Voxtrot - Fast Asleep

alex on July 08 2011

the past 4 years I've lived my life by a pretty simple rule ... If you ever dont know what to listen to - listen to Voxtrot. In other news: I made a horible choice by purchasing diet Sunkist. Every sip burned my tongue and bruised my bro ego. I'm pretty sure it instantly gave me cancer.

Aeiou - Vivimos in LA

chris on July 07 2011

Discovered this track on mxsxk11. Great collaboration of some members of the breeders and blonde redhead and such. all the vowels.