Foster The People - Helena Beat

chris on July 11 2011

Banging on all cylinders. I just did a rock kick with a smooth transition to roundhouse kick that broke the sound barrier. ZIP BOOM!

Voxtrot - Fast Asleep

alex on July 08 2011

the past 4 years I've lived my life by a pretty simple rule ... If you ever dont know what to listen to - listen to Voxtrot. In other news: I made a horible choice by purchasing diet Sunkist. Every sip burned my tongue and bruised my bro ego. I'm pretty sure it instantly gave me cancer.

Aeiou - Vivimos in LA

chris on July 07 2011

Discovered this track on mxsxk11. Great collaboration of some members of the breeders and blonde redhead and such. all the vowels.

Ducktails - Hamilton Road

chris on July 06 2011

Ducktails' third album is Very solid and a quick listen.

Beirut - The Rip Tide

alex on July 06 2011

This is one of those songs that gets better each listen through.

Lana Del Rey - Video Games

alex on July 05 2011

Sober 4th of July made me realize how incredibly dangerous drunk people + fireworks is. I'm pretty sure I saw atleast 10 people almost catch on fire yesterday. But honestly, what 4th of July would be complete without a human catching ablaze? Sometimes you gotta make sacrifices to appease the party gods.

Memory Tapes - Worries

alex on June 30 2011

Closing in on 1000 songs, I cant believe this site still runs in browsers.. I accidently mispelled Memory Tapes as Memory Tapas,.. cute.

Magic Bullets - Sigh The Day Away

chris on June 29 2011

This is the day of amazing drums.

The Do - BWOJ

chris on June 29 2011

Alex is a moleman withering away into moledom.

Is Tropical - Berlin

alex on June 28 2011

I listened to this stuff called music last night, blew my fucking mind! what was your first peice of music you bought and on what format? Mine was a cassete tape with 95 South's Whoot There It Is. That's pretty embarrassing.