Chairlift - Amanaemonesia

alex on January 24 2011

Crazy hispanic ladies with tamborines were just yelling at me about how the world is ending. Listen up crazy ladies, when the world is ending the first person who's going to know is a fucking SCIENTIST or John Cusack, not an idiot on the street holding a cardboard sign.

Carroll - Walk In The Park

alex on January 23 2011

My new favorite word is swimmingly. Sounds like Chris is a prime candidate for the Gout, AKA the disease of king's.

Capybara - Neighbor Crimes

chris on January 23 2011

Refreshingly Vampire Weekendish. Ate a six foot sub and four meat chili yesterday. I live in excess.

Miike Snow - Paddling Out

alex on January 21 2011

left as rain?? more like left ass rain! amirite? In other news: I love when I'm getting over a cold and I can actually sing without my voice sounding like a small child is being killed via bludgeoning.

The Big Pink - Stay Gold

chris on January 20 2011

Girl drummers that can kill you at drumming no matter how good you are or how much you practice.

Ewert and the Two Dragons - Good Man Down

Alex on January 19 2011

Blacked the shit out of this site. In other news: coolest band name ever? "This is gonna get kinda weird... Two dragons."

Friendly Fires - Hurting Tensnake Remix

chris on January 19 2011

Successful blackout yesterday. Hit the ground running.

Real Estate - Out of Tune

chris on January 17 2011

Had some serious dental work done. It's like that scene from Tommy Boy. It doesnt hurt so much here or here, just right here. Which makes me Chris Farley and my dentist David Spade.

Sufjan Stevens - The Henney Buggy Band

alex on January 12 2011

So, this is one of my favorite song, I thought I would share. In other news: tonight marks the ending of a 9 day juice cleanse-which means I will drink one beer and be fucking shitfaced. Hypothetically, if I put hash tags on this site (purely hypothetically) I would write #cheapdate.

Zoo Kid - Broke

alex on January 12 2011

Damn Chris already posted Zoo kid.. oh well. Chris and myself will be at the King Krule show on Friday if anyone wants to punch us in the face. In other news: I'm just discovering I'm allergic to some form of nut in this Men's Health Planters variety mix (Yes, I'm that asshole who buys Men's Health nuts). How does one go almost 29 years without knowing these things?