Cat Power - Run

alex on June 18 2012

This single sets the bar pretty high for Cat Power's new album - hopefully they can deliver. ..... -pizzas

Danny Brown - Grown Up

chris on June 18 2012

fuck a$ap rocky. give me that danny brown.

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Garden

alex on June 14 2012

Just had a solo dance party in the shower listening to this track. I cant fucking stand writing out Totally Enormouse Extinct Dinosaurs, even saying it makes you sound like an asshole - this dude needs to become more popular so we can just refer to him as TEED. I doubt TEED will have any trouble racking up the fame considering his latest album is off the charts flawless. Due to Chris' comment in the previous post I added album titles, I think it clutters up the site - what do the listeners think?

Kindness - Swingin' Party

chris on June 11 2012

Kindness is for lovers. If we had an album name feature on here, ALEX, we would know that this album is titled, World, You Need A Change of Mind.

Hot Chip - These Chains

alex on June 11 2012

shut up and listen to hot chip.

Alt J - Intro

chris on June 11 2012

I want to post this entire album. If an intro is this good, you can just imagine how the rest stacks up. Oh yeah, you know whats heavy? My printing press I just picked up. Not literally, it weighs 2 tons for C sake.

Jonathan Boulet - After All

alex on June 06 2012

I want to pick up a really weird hobby.. like collecting cutting boards.

Armeria and Karma Kid - Do Me Wrong

chris on June 05 2012

Where has chris been? I'm back now so let's just drop it. 43 magazine party tonight at Max Fish if you happen to read this before 8PM. Very excellent magazine focusing on spectacular photography.

The Tallest Man On Earth - On Every Page

alex on June 04 2012

The Tallest Man On Earth is my buddy on a rainy day. If I absolutely had to have phone sex with a dude, it would probably be this dude. I just created an impossibly awkward scenario to describe my love of a man's voice.

Moons - Bloody Mouth

alex on June 01 2012

filled with guac, ready to rock.