Sean Broadway - Sean Broadways Theme

chris on March 06 2013

If you're gonna ride like lightning, you're gonna crash like thunder.

Javelin - Nnormal

chris on March 06 2013

Don't believe everything you hear. When I decided I wanted to see Ace Ventura Pet Detective when I was thirteen, my dad told me he read it was a terrible movie and not to waste my time. I told him, I'm gonna make up my own mind thank you very much, and low and behold, the movie changed my life. I saw on that awful site Pitchfork that this is bad. My brain says it's good. Very good.

Russian Guys - No idea

chris on March 04 2013

I have no idea who this is or where it came from. I do however know that it's amazing and I want to know everything about it. So if you have any information about this track, write it on the back of a hundred dollar bill and send it to Chris and Alex at 1 Left As Rain Plaza, Brooklyn NY. Update: @gastrodamus has informed us via $100 dollar bill that this track is Ballad of the War Machine by Midnight Juggernauts.

Solander - Berlin

alex on March 04 2013

Folkie Mondays. Banjos, pianos, and drum kits are a recipe for success.

Slam Donahue - Where Are You

alex on March 01 2013

The bro factor is strong with these guys. I've been working on a joke all day about how Slam Donahue hit a grand slam with this album but I just couldn't quite get the wording right. So I decided to make this post about how this joke is still under construction. Maybe a couple weeks down the road when I've really fine tuned the joke I'll post another one of their tracks. So really this is more of a post joke preview. *movie trailer voice* IN A WORLD OF MEDIOCRE MUSIC BLOG POSTS LIVES A JOKE - A JOKE SO FUNNY NO ONE HAS EVER HEARD IT.

Casey Veggies - Sauna - Chuck Inglish

chris on March 01 2013

A Smooooth track from BK favorite Fool's Gold. A touch of Chuck Inglish in your life.

Still Corners - Fireflies

alex on February 28 2013

I have these moments which I think only someone who runs a music blog can sympathize with. It's a moment of pure blogging bliss (blogging bliss... really, alex??). It goes something like this -- I'm cruising around sound clouds trying to find a decent track. Oh a new Still Corners single?? Great! I press play. Within the first five seconds of the track playing I know I've struck music blog gold. I let out an audible BOOM! and quickly post the track. Generally the post goes live before the song is even done. .. In this case I still have 38 seconds to go.

Candy Empire - Lucky

chris on February 28 2013

The only thing I can figure out about these guys is they have a bandcamp and facebook page. Other than that... I like it. On a side note, I implore you to read Alex's previous post regarding the latest version of Left As Rain.

Youth Lagoon - Raspberry Cane

alex on February 27 2013

My whole world was just flipped upside down as I was writing this entry. I just now realized the word raspberry has a p in it. I've gone almost 30 years without that valuable nugget of knowledge. Spelling was never my strong suit

Let's talk about the new site. First off.. it's live! The 5th version of left as rain. I should be rolling out an update next week which adds more features to the audio player (volume). Secondly please bare with me while I troubleshoot bugs, I tested as much as I could by myself but need another set of eyes to find everything. One bug I'm aware of is the player stopping mid song, this seems to be a Windows Chrome bug and I swear upon all that is good and holy I will search this out and punch it in the dick. If you see something--say something .. to with "BUG" in the subject line. You are all my beta testing guinea pigs for the next month or so.

This was an absolutely massive project for me. I literally spent every free minute I've had since November to piece this together. I wrote a script that worked for about 30% of the album covers. The rest of the images I manually inserted.. that's finding and inserting around 900 album covers. I understand this is a huge departure from the list format but I needed a site that could support itself financially (banners/page views) after spending over $8,000 in hosting over the last 7 years. It's not cheap to stream 1 terabyte of quality audio to thousands of people a month with an average listening time of over 10 minutes.. Thanks for listening. Thanks for reading my post. Thanks for supporting our blog. Thanks for being a friend (travel down the road and back again).

Chromatics - Cherry

chris on February 27 2013

Genre names started to become a bit too specific and hard to keep track of. I call this Cool. The Chromatics are cool, Holy Ghost! is cool, Ratatat is Cool, Kavisnsky is Cool, Bob Seager is Cool.