Built To Spill - Strange

chris on September 03 2009

Think dark thoughts; It makes your music better.

Buttercup - Consensus Chalice

chris on September 01 2009

Big what up to our new friend Joy Reyes out of San Antonio. Here is a track from his band Buttercup. I just listened to this album straight through and it is tight. Thanks for sending your music my man!

Empire of the Sun - We Are The People

chris on August 31 2009

Soo..... Packing is terrible. Check out my new site remember-paper.com and tell me what you think. All the beauty that comes with the tactile quality and intimacty of a good piece of paper.

Harlem Shakes - Sunlight

Alex on August 31 2009

so chris and myself are moving all week, here's a week worth of posts to make up for our absence.

Genesis - Misunderstanding

Alejandro on August 31 2009

damn phil, sounds like you got stood up. sure man, a misunderstanding.. keep telling yourself that.

Magic Arm - Said Things

Al on August 31 2009

saw grizzly bear yesterday, was fuckin amazing. big ups to jelly nyc for organazing amazing free shows all summer. thanks for all the hard work guys.

Washed Out - Belong

Alexander Mejias on August 28 2009

Ive been patiently waiting till friday to post this. do me a favor and rock the fuck out. Additionally, everything they say is true, left as rain really is "teh sehcks" not to be confused with surprise butt sehcks.

The Deadly Syndrome - Animals Wearing Clothes

chris on August 28 2009

The world needs more epic build-ups. I'm pretty sure my life could use a few.

Jesse Matheson - Make Out

chris on August 27 2009

Is this the end or just the start of something really, really beatiful wrapped up and disguised as something really, really ugly.

Fool's Gold - Nadine(Memory Tapes Version)

alex on August 27 2009

its too early for me to think of anything witty, so ill provide you with a mental image of a grizzly bear, riding a four wheeler, going off a sick jump, with a beer in his hand.