Broken Bells - The HIgh Road

christopher on December 22 2009

Wow. This single is from a duo that consists of Dangermouse and James Mercer of the shins. I think the outcome is stellar, soo... if you have a problem with this track I may punch you in the face.

jj - Ecstasy

christopher on December 22 2009

I havent brought you anything from jj the Swedes, since my life, my swag. Shorty wants a thug.

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Higher Than The Stars

chris on December 22 2009

Sometimes you just want to go home and hide for a while.

Eels - Gone Man

chris on December 20 2009

New York is under white powder, it is absolutely amazing.

Years - The Major Lift

chris on December 18 2009

What a beatiful day out. Now, I must go and rescue my car from the jaws of the law.

Beach House - Norway

alex on December 16 2009

damn New York, you cold! our heater in this apartment is either shooting molten lava out the vents or laughing at you while you suffer hypothermia. i need to move back to warm climates.

Sea Wolf - Wicked Blood

alex on December 16 2009

I'm fairly certain Sea Wolf was one of the very first artists I posted back when LAR was just a little baby, ol' version 1.0 which went the way of the buffalo over a year ago. I have a weird connection with Sea Wolf, not sure what it is, maybe theyre all pisces?

Yeasayer - ONE

christopher on December 16 2009

This is off the Yeasayer album that will release early next year. Quite a different vibe from the previous album, but it holds water. I am still trying to get used to it. They are talented, no doubt about it.

Midlake - Acts of Man

christopher on December 16 2009

Not in some time has a band been able to spin such a tale coupled with timeless instrumentalism, behold the legendary Midlake. I know music is unmatched when it makes me want to pack a bag and depart on a journey leaving my current life behind. This upcoming album is what I have been waiting for.

Lake - Bad Dream

christopher on December 15 2009

I can't think of anything to write cause im watching I'm Gonna Get You Sucka. Very distracting.