Dan Croll - From Nowhere (acoustic)

Alex on November 18 2014

It's never to late to post a track - never. Good music is timeless, people. On that note - I'm out until after Thanksgiving so keep an eye on the place for me. Let's get fat.

Desire - If I Can't Hold You Tonight

chris on November 14 2014

Jonny Jewel has been on my mind a lot lately. Over the years I've mentioned in posts that songs would appear on the soundtrack to my life. Well JJ has pretty much invented the concept of a fake soundtrack. M83 too, but I'm under the impression that great things happen simultaneously at different parts of the world at the same time. As if the idea is out there and these two channeled it at the same time. The Chromatics are pretty much the best case scenario of a band that makes a fake soundtrack to your favorite fake movie. Tequila Sunrise meets Blue Velvet. "But I Killed For Love" That's passion baby. I have to admit, m83 flies pretty close to perfection with Before the Dawn Heals Us and it's spine tingling poetic track Car Chase Terror. Those early M83 albums, to me, really appear to have influenced Cliff Martinez and his soundtrack to Drive, which was produced by none other than Jonny Jewel.

BØRNS - 10,000 Emerald Pools

Alex on November 12 2014

Something tells me we can expect hear a ton more from BØRNS. With a Portugal The Man base and a dash of poppy synth it's undeniably a hit recipe for a popular band. Their EP, Candy, gives off the same vibes as MGMT and Passion Pits early work - while we all know those bands are just completely relevant these days we can't deny their early work was spot on.

Basically what I'm saying is - when BØRNS is playing Madison Square Garden and you ask me to go see the show I'll say "We posted them like 2 and half years ago get with the times."

Buscabulla - Caer

chris on November 10 2014

I can't speak the language, so i just repeat to the beat... you're a babe, you're a babe, you're a babe, babe babe babe yeeeee. I do know that the duo are Brooklyn based Puerto Rican's and their EP was produced by Dev Hynes, who can apparently do no wrong. Except I thought I saw you in a Starbucks the other day buddy. If that's correct, me and you need to sort some shit out.

Glass Candy - Beautiful Object

chris on November 07 2014

A word to the wise. Always keep up with the label, Italians Do it Better. Jonny Jewel, founder of IDIB and Glass Candy the Chromatics, is insanely talented. He is constantly putting out work that has that future 80s vibe.

Deers - Between Cans

Alex on November 05 2014

Last night - woke myself up at around 2am with the constant chorus of "baby baby baby" going through my head. It was Madrid based based Deers latest single Between Cans. I can't say I was mad, but I wasn't very happy - droning lo-fi Spanish chicks yelling isn't exactly a lullaby.

Kevin Morby - Parade

chris on November 04 2014

Kevin has a wonderfully full sound complete with Dylan-esque voice. He sounds lonely, but not in a bad way. In a comforting way. When you feel like this, you get your best thinking done. This is molting music.

Yumi Zouma - It Feels Good To Be Around (feat. Air France)

Alex on October 31 2014

Karlsson and Markstedt of Air France come out of retirement for one last track - which is oddly enough a tribute track to Air France.. I feel like there's an Xzibit meme somewhere in here.

I remember when I first discovered Air France as a young lad in Brooklyn (picture a late 19th century paper boy), I was still getting my feet wet in the big city. I thought I was really cool asking people if they've heard of Air France already knowing they hadn't. "Dude you should totally check out Air France on my music blog I just started." Fast forward enough years to make me feel old and I'm posting this so that my listeners can ask their friends if they've heard of Yumi Zouma.

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Flake Music - Spanway Hits

chris on October 30 2014

Clueless for halloween once again. Not Alicia Silverstone in a schoolgirl outfit, but rather I have no idea and taking it down to the wire. This track is pre-shins. The drummer of Flake Music actually started The Shins as a side project. Imagine that.

Owls - A Drop of Blood

chris on October 28 2014

I think this album is Primus meets Pavement meets Vampire Weekend. Quite a combo. I do really enjoy the heavy tracks quite a bit, hints this selection from their upcoming album Two. There is an overwhelming surplus of whispery pansy and noise music at the moment. Hey man, how would you classify your music?... I'd say, synth surf with a touch of whispery pansy. I just threw up a little bit. Owls on the other hand, has balls. The name is actually kinda counter intuitive because it sounds like a free spirited crafting duo that has knitting circles on tuesday nights. HEY! today is tuesday, who wants to go? I could use a new doily.