BLSHS - Blushes

Alex on August 20 2014

This band went with the ol' trendy app naming scream AKA drop the vowels and uppercase all the things. We should do that with our app - "lft s rn." that totally reads- right?

Hooray for Earth - Last, First

Alex on August 14 2014

This song sounds so 80s it should be starring Corey Feldman. amirite tho?

Blood Orange - Uncle Ace (kindness remix)

chris on August 14 2014

So today I depart on a voyage. A voyage to regain my sanity. See you on the other side ladies and gentlemen.

DIIV - How Long Have You Known

Alex on August 12 2014

If one were to surf, I would assume they would want to be listening to this. I suppose that's why they call it surf rock - and by "they" I mean us. and by "us" I mean the cool kids. and by "cool kids" I mean not cool at all.

Enrique Vela - Bitter Love

chris on August 11 2014

Just when you think it's over and you're free from it's beautiful yet brutally devastating talons, there's a second coming. Just like a bitter love. Watch out for the second coming.

White Reaper - Half Bad

Alex on August 05 2014

To piggyback on Chris' awesome post here's another band off the Polyvinyl label who's name also begins with a W.

Wampire - Wizard Staff

chris on August 04 2014

Wow. Just Fucking Wow. Now this is good music. It's extremely rare to come across a jaw dropper.

Thrupence - Don't You Mind

chris on August 04 2014

Life has become a bit monotonous, like a dream that you have every night. I blame it on this soul sucking new york lifestyle.

Chrome Sparks - Losing U

alex on July 29 2014

This site is in desperate need of a re-design hug.Someday soon the stars will align and my clients will leave me alone for a couple days so I can re-do this piece.

FKA twigs - Two Weeks

Alex on July 25 2014

Hi there! Have a seat. FKA twigs would like you to take this moment and listen to her lyrics.