Hooray for Earth - Last, First

Alex on August 14 2014

This song sounds so 80s it should be starring Corey Feldman. amirite tho?

Blood Orange - Uncle Ace (kindness remix)

chris on August 14 2014

So today I depart on a voyage. A voyage to regain my sanity. See you on the other side ladies and gentlemen.

DIIV - How Long Have You Known

Alex on August 12 2014

If one were to surf, I would assume they would want to be listening to this. I suppose that's why they call it surf rock - and by "they" I mean us. and by "us" I mean the cool kids. and by "cool kids" I mean not cool at all.

Enrique Vela - Bitter Love

chris on August 11 2014

Just when you think it's over and you're free from it's beautiful yet brutally devastating talons, there's a second coming. Just like a bitter love. Watch out for the second coming.

White Reaper - Half Bad

Alex on August 05 2014

To piggyback on Chris' awesome post here's another band off the Polyvinyl label who's name also begins with a W.

Wampire - Wizard Staff

chris on August 04 2014

Wow. Just Fucking Wow. Now this is good music. It's extremely rare to come across a jaw dropper.

Thrupence - Don't You Mind

chris on August 04 2014

Life has become a bit monotonous, like a dream that you have every night. I blame it on this soul sucking new york lifestyle.

Chrome Sparks - Losing U

alex on July 29 2014

This site is in desperate need of a re-design hug.Someday soon the stars will align and my clients will leave me alone for a couple days so I can re-do this piece.

FKA twigs - Two Weeks

Alex on July 25 2014

Hi there! Have a seat. FKA twigs would like you to take this moment and listen to her lyrics.

Sinkane - How We Be

chris on July 24 2014

Oh, he's just a Sudanese political refugee slash amazing musician. What were you saying? Something about some sort of excuse...