BLK JKS - Lakeside

alex on March 11 2009

and god said, "on march 11th 2009 alex will turn 17, only one more year until he is allowed to vote and buy porno." Speaking of buying porno, maybe they should do the age limit in stages. like if youre 14, sure dude buy a fucking playboy. 16, yea man go for a hustler. 18, why not try backdoor beauties? 21, you can finally buy midgets fucking donkey porn. and thats a psalm brother.

Shout Out Louds - Normandie

chris on March 11 2009

Third up-post ever, sue me. Oh wait just one second, I think it just may be Alex's Birthday today. Well how about that, he finally turns 21.

Tor/Sufjan Stevens - John Wayne Gacy Jr.

alex on March 10 2009

Snap, amazing sufjan remix album, available for free at go check it out.

Team Waterpolo - Letting Go

chris on March 10 2009

Hey You, stop that fooling around. Not Cool! Not Cool! Me equals undecided.

College - Fantasy Park

alex on March 09 2009

Ive been on a huge synth pop kick lately, ef the weather in nyc today get me outta here.

The National - So Far Around The Bend

christopher on March 09 2009

Sing their song, play their music. The National... This overwhelming sadness comes over me when I listen to their music I suppose because they are stained with hopelessness. At least the tracks I really enjoy are.

Albert Hammond Jr. - Miss Myrtle

chris on March 05 2009

I'm just like you – easily confused. And I'm lost by the youths, varied with truths. Smile and decide, some things you hide. But I can't forget them all.

Awesome New Republic - Birthday

alex on March 05 2009

Miami represent! Death from above with a dash of synth pop. I took the day off tomorrow so my weekend officially starts 6pm tonight, see ya suckas!

Kuroma - Alexander Martin

christopher on March 04 2009

Apparently Karoma is a fan of France too. See what happens when you kick my man out of MGMT, he brings the heat. He obviously played a huge role in their sound. Your loss you heroin junkies.

Tahiti Boy and The Palmtree Family - The Bees and The Birds

alex on March 04 2009

its those damn french again, making amazing music. why dont you settle down and let the rest of the world make some good music?! i heart you france. ugh why the fuck does orangina come in a 10 oz bottle? thats not even close to enough delicious orange fizzy goodness.