Awesome New Republic - Birthday

alex on March 05 2009

Miami represent! Death from above with a dash of synth pop. I took the day off tomorrow so my weekend officially starts 6pm tonight, see ya suckas!

Kuroma - Alexander Martin

christopher on March 04 2009

Apparently Karoma is a fan of France too. See what happens when you kick my man out of MGMT, he brings the heat. He obviously played a huge role in their sound. Your loss you heroin junkies.

Tahiti Boy and The Palmtree Family - The Bees and The Birds

alex on March 04 2009

its those damn french again, making amazing music. why dont you settle down and let the rest of the world make some good music?! i heart you france. ugh why the fuck does orangina come in a 10 oz bottle? thats not even close to enough delicious orange fizzy goodness.

The Chairs - In the Aeroplane Over the Sea (NMH Cover)

chris on March 04 2009

This song. It hurts so good.

The Pains of Being Pure At Heart - A Teenager In Love

chris on March 03 2009

The majority of the album is a bit noise pop and hazi for my taste, but it has it's good points. I do suggest it. Here is an airy little number for you.

Clap Your Hands And Say Yeah - Satan Said Dance

chris on March 03 2009

Yes dark lord, I think i will take this dance. Why thank you. Lucifer..., you sure can cut a rug.

Grizzly Bear - Southern Point

alex on March 03 2009

For the past two days ive worn one sock thats too big for me on my left foot, two totally different socks, it just so happened they were both too big for me and both attached to my left foot at one point in time. so anyways when socks are too big for you they fall off into your shoe, its really fucking awkward. so really what im getting at is stay in school kids.

Arizona - Tumbles

chris on March 02 2009

Sweet ebony Jesus, i absolutely do not want to tromp through the foot deep snow outside.

Munchausen By Proxy - Sweet Ballad

chris on March 02 2009

My sweet sweet Zooey.

Plants and Animals - Feedback in the Field

chris on February 26 2009

Plants and animals are two of my favorite things. Except the people species of animal, I hate those assholes. Like come on, get over yourselves. oooo I can talk and turn doorknobs, big fucking deal.