Alek Fin - Waiting Like a Wolf

alex on November 15 2012

Today was one of those days where you feel like the universe just wants to work against you at every turn. Finding this track was probably the highlight of my day.

Only Real - Backseat Kissers

chris on November 15 2012

Attack of the British daywalkers.

Method Man and Freddie Gibbs and Streetlife - Built for This

chris on November 15 2012

Method Man has the best delivery of anyone from Wu Tang.

Munk and Peaches - You Can't Run From My Love

chris on November 14 2012

This video is amazing fyi. Lyall Coburn from South Arfica... This guy is legit.

Kate Boy - Northern Lights

chris on November 14 2012

Hey Alex! I have plenty of excuses. This track is probably a mistake to post because it has the capability of becoming disgustingly popular to the point where if I hear it anymore I'll jump out of my 4th story apartment window. Crap shoot.

SBTRKT - Hold On (feat. Sampha)

Alex on November 14 2012

SBTRKT is always a pretty safe bet. The lack of posts on my end is indicative of how hard I'm working on the new version of left as rain. Chris has no excuse.

PAPA - Put Me To Work

Alex on November 10 2012

Sort of an Arcade Fire feel, no? Regardless - classic weekend track. In other news: You know it's Winter in New York when youre surrounded by couples on the train. What is it about Winter that causes people to bun up in relationships? "Hey, its getting pretty cold outside - I'm marginally good looking and so are you. Let's hibernate."

King Krule - Rock Bottom

chris on November 08 2012

Truly one of the great artists of now. He somehow manages to be tough and sentimental with that amazing accent and voice. If he wasn't a daywalker I would definately be worried about him stealing our women.

Mesita - XYXY

chris on November 07 2012

I can't believe that hurricane was a week ago and now there's a snowstorm pounding us. I'm terribly sorry for those people who don't have a place to stay or no heat.

The Crystal Ark - Morir Sonando

chris on November 06 2012

Were you worried about me? No? Fuck off.