Active Child - She Cut Me

Chris on December 17 2013

You know when you lose something, like amazing t-shirt. There's this terrible feeling in the pit of your stomach... I'm experiencing that feeling right now.

Panama - Always - Classixx Remix

chris on December 17 2013

While your at it, just go ahead and toss this one up on the holiday party playlist. I mean if you want to have a good time.

ceo - Whorehouse

Alex on December 13 2013

Well happy holidays, listeners. Here's one to blast at your holiday parties while you're making bad decisions next to your boss.

Pillar Point - Eyeballs

chris on December 12 2013

I knew I recognized this sound... This dude is from LAR fave Throw Me the Statue. Watch it guys, this dude looks like the type who'd steal your girlfriend at a house party when you go and take a piss in the bushes. No I don't think her leaving with him has anything to do with me being the type of guy who pees in bushes.

Du Tonc - Darkness

chris on December 12 2013

FUCK. If you read the post below, you would understand my frustration. This one is 50% Aussie. Can you imagine what a terrible place earth would be if Australians ruled the world. Entitled blondes everywhere with zinc oxide on their noses. Sorry Norm... You're one of the good ones.

Flight Facilities - Stand Still - Com Truise Remix

chris on December 12 2013

Damn it! Australians make another move toward world domination.

Lips - Freddy Bardot

chris on December 11 2013

Giant lips on legs bringing you the heartbreak beats.

Phantogram - Fall In Love

Alex on December 10 2013

Phantogram doing what Phantogram does best - killing it musically. I can only assume this is what they do best, for all I know what they do best is make a killer shepherd's pie.

Night Panther - Queen Bitch

Alex on December 09 2013

Dear Night Panther, I was convinced you would be a one hit (EP) wonder. I was wrong. Please accept my apology in form of internet blog post. So very sorry, Alex.

Eyedress - Nature Trips

Alex on December 06 2013

I can't wait to hear this track in Ryan Gosling's latest flick.. the one where he never speaks and plays some sort of hit man racist plumber. AMIRITE?!