ceo - Whorehouse

Alex on December 13 2013

Well happy holidays, listeners. Here's one to blast at your holiday parties while you're making bad decisions next to your boss.

Pillar Point - Eyeballs

chris on December 12 2013

I knew I recognized this sound... This dude is from LAR fave Throw Me the Statue. Watch it guys, this dude looks like the type who'd steal your girlfriend at a house party when you go and take a piss in the bushes. No I don't think her leaving with him has anything to do with me being the type of guy who pees in bushes.

Du Tonc - Darkness

chris on December 12 2013

FUCK. If you read the post below, you would understand my frustration. This one is 50% Aussie. Can you imagine what a terrible place earth would be if Australians ruled the world. Entitled blondes everywhere with zinc oxide on their noses. Sorry Norm... You're one of the good ones.

Flight Facilities - Stand Still - Com Truise Remix

chris on December 12 2013

Damn it! Australians make another move toward world domination.

Lips - Freddy Bardot

chris on December 11 2013

Giant lips on legs bringing you the heartbreak beats.

Phantogram - Fall In Love

Alex on December 10 2013

Phantogram doing what Phantogram does best - killing it musically. I can only assume this is what they do best, for all I know what they do best is make a killer shepherd's pie.

Night Panther - Queen Bitch

Alex on December 09 2013

Dear Night Panther, I was convinced you would be a one hit (EP) wonder. I was wrong. Please accept my apology in form of internet blog post. So very sorry, Alex.

Eyedress - Nature Trips

Alex on December 06 2013

I can't wait to hear this track in Ryan Gosling's latest flick.. the one where he never speaks and plays some sort of hit man racist plumber. AMIRITE?!

Jens Lekman - A Sweet Summernight on Hammer Hill

Alex on December 05 2013

I think one of the main deciding factors of my never visiting Facebook is the fact that I don't give two shits about a list. 10 crazy facts about blueberries grown in the artic tundra during aurora borealis is hardly something I give a fuck about. Most notably I've seen the list regarding things mentally confident people don't do - I haven't read it but I can tell you exactly what they don't do - they don't need to validate themselves by reading a list. Can we please get a social network worth a shit again? I can see myself in 20 years, with the same enthusiasm my mom speaks about the 60's, gallivanting to my son Zeus about the hay day of the internet where everyone was free and you didn't have to deal with your crazy religious zealot of an aunt or your far right wing ex girlfriend's mom in your news feed just to keep up with old college friends you'll probably only see at weddings anyways. On a lighter note: this song!

Built to Spill - Time Trap

chris on December 04 2013

Let me let you in on a little secret. No matter how many young guns come on to the music scene, no one will ever be able to touch Built to Spill. They may gain notoriety and global fame, but there has never been a band with such heart. The lyrical prowess of Doug Martsch is beyond. It's beyond.