Young Dreams - Fog of War

Alex on February 25 2013

My man says "Athena, Athena take me there -- Waiting for my own Athena." This song must be about my dog because her name is Athena. Lay off my dog, dude.

Lemonade - The Place Where You Belong

chris on February 25 2013

So, on the way to lunch I passed the decapitated head of a pigeon with no body in sight. NY ammiright... Like the pigeon head, this guy is disgusting, but good disgusting, not vomitous disgusting.

Tickle Torture - Lie to Me

chris on February 25 2013

Funky fucking freak from Minneapolis.

Night Panther - Lioness

chris on February 25 2013

I read about Night Panther a few months ago and checked em out. Wasn't impressed. Saw this trailer and almost shit my pants due to it's badassness. It's a song cool enough to have a trailer.

RAC - Hollywood

chris on February 25 2013

These guys definitely know how to remix a track, so I was intrigued to listen to an original. Not too shabby.

Hoop Dreams - XCPR

chris on February 22 2013

I just watched what I thought was a old senile woman slowly walk past the window with an old gross doughnut in her hand. Two minutes later she slowly walked past in the other direction with a beautiful potted tulip. Best negotiator ever.

Slam Donahue - C'mon C'mon

chris on February 22 2013

The only thing I have about being day drunk is that 6PM crash. If you power through you can ride it all night, but if you succumb to the 6PM crash, you're toast. Be strong my friends.

Local Natives - Airplanes (acoustic)

alex on February 21 2013

Thank goodness for La Blogotheque and their breathtaking acoustic sessions. This almost topped their Yeasayer session ... almost.

Ducktails - Letter of Intent

chris on February 21 2013

It's great how Ducktails and Real Estate are constantly upping the credibility of New Jersey. I would like for them to have a death match with the cast of Jersey Shore, but actually, they would just get their asses kicked.

Autre Ne Veut - Counting

chris on February 21 2013

Stumble upon is my philosophy. If you click on enough links, you're bound to come across a good track eventually. Never look in one place... except here, always look here.