Wu Tang vs The Beatles - Release Yo'Delf

chris on February 10 2010

This mixup album is slammin. Its about time these dudes got together, sorry for the profanity. NSFW

Voxtrot - The Start Of Something

chris on February 10 2010

Ever feel like a song is written just for you, well this one makes everyone who can speak and or understand english feel like that. But really, it was written for me, so back off. Takin it back a few.

Twin Shadow - Castles In The Snow

alex on February 05 2010

Hop on the awesome train with these guys, I cant get enough of this reverby synthy dreamy shit lately. Ive locked down dates to start making a few tracks with synth player Adam Willis of Passafire the end of march, the tracks will focus completely around the zombie apocalypse and you better believe it will blow your socks off your feet, into the sky, and into a news helicopter. The headlines the next day will read "Local Band Knocks Socks Off Listener's Feet Helicopter Crashes Into Pre-school T Ball Game"

Throw Me The Statue - Yucatan Gold

alex on February 01 2010

So whats up with SXSW? anyone want to take care of their two favorite left as rain boys for the big event? we'd be happy to DJ an event, if theres one thing we know how to do right its how to get a party poppin.(no not pooping, but that would be pretty awesome...ly disgusting) shoot contact@leftasrain.com an email.

CFCF - the explorers

christopher on February 01 2010

Sorry bout the lack of posts of late, but we have been kinda strangly busy over here. My B Dog. Listen to more CFCF.

Caribou - Odessa

alex on January 29 2010

Check out Caribou's latest single, sounds very hot chip in a good way. Caribou has always had a stand out style in my book, while this is a departure from their patented sound, its a logical progression in their style and growth as a band. Caribou 2.0.

Brothers of End - FC vs dynasty

christopher on January 29 2010

Friday, lets take it slow and ease into getting retarded tonight. I plan on battling the cold for the cause of freedom, happiness. I'm not sure how, but i shall prevail.

Toro Y Moi - Imprint After

alex on January 28 2010

The safety word will be hwhiskey. In other news: great show Saturday, it was like a sea of high fives.

The Morning Benders - Damnit Anna

christopher on January 28 2010

Just rescued my car from the pound AGAIN! This album is eff'n great.

Wilco and Fleet Foxes - I Shall Be Released

christopher on January 26 2010

They say everything can be replaced. They say every distance is not near. So I remember ever face, of every man who put me here. That has always been one of my favorite lyrics. It sounds like Wilco is going for the Dylan version and Fleet Foxes are nailing The Band's version right down to the keys.