Wale ft. Lil Wayne - Nike Boots

alex on April 06 2009

Check out my dude Wale from my hometown of D.C. Fun time on Saturday kiddos, lets do it again next month.

Sparks - Angst In My Pants

chris on April 03 2009

Come to duck duck tomorrow. It should be jamtastic, yeah that is a new word. Get with the program.

The Lovely Feathers - Frantic

alex on April 03 2009

Hey kids were DJing sat, come out and support your favorite music blog. Saturday April 4 10pm-4am duck duck 161 Montrose Ave Brooklyn Ny 11206 btwn Graham Ave and Humboldt St Montrose Ave L train

Rufus Wainwright - April Fools

alex on April 01 2009

check out the sites new color scheme, i fucking love it.

Jeremy Jay - In This Lonely Town

chris on April 01 2009

Back to reality, wait... this sucks. Back to fantasy, ahh thats better. Jeremy Jay says fuck you morrissey and your stupid baby carrying album cover. This is how we do things now.

Those Dancing Days - Hitten

chris on April 01 2009

So it is settled then, Stockholm here I come. All female swedish band of cuties... yes please.

Jeremy Jay - Airwalker

chris on March 31 2009

Read the post before. Hahaha, i was actually fucking with alex in his sleep. I cranked up the heat and was making bird noises in his ear. kaw kaw!

Au Revoir Simone - Through The Backyards

alex on March 31 2009

I had the most fucked up dream last night about genetically engineered hawk aliens blowing up new york city, i could feel the waves of heat against my skin, it was fucked. I caught one of the aliens disguised as a human and i punched him in the face a bunch of times cause they killed my dog and family. serves him right.

Luke Temple - Make Right With You

chris on March 31 2009

Oh yeah, i forgot about Saturday. Gonna get my spin on. I wish i would wake up some days and know a new skill, like karate or shorthand. What?... shorthand.

Stars - The Big Fight

alex on March 30 2009

So i was reading missed connections the other day and some girl posted a missed connection for a dude on the L train wearing a black and white plaid shirt. she was the girl with dark hair listening to Stars. alright honey, I got some news for you every person who lives in williamsburg and the surrounding area owns a fucking black and white flannel shirt. heres another pro tip, people dont have fucking super hearing, they cant hear whats playing in your headphones. Duck Duck saturday, ill be the guy in the black and white flannel.....