WZRD - Upper Room

alexander on March 01 2012

This band cast a level 6 charm spell on me.

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - House Fire

alexatron on March 01 2012

my down in the dumps goto song.

Nicolas Jaar - Come n get it

Optimus Chris on March 01 2012

I've just decided that I'm back in business! Watch out.

Fanfarlo - Shiny Things

alejandro raincloud puff n stuff supreme commando.... -jr. on February 28 2012

The clouds are like "HEY NEW YORKERS ! YOU LIKE RAIN??" and we're all like "no, please stop." "WHAT'S THAT YOU SAY? MORE RAIN? OK!" clouds talk really loud...

Zambri - ICBYS (Ice Choir Remix)

alex on February 28 2012

Locked myself out of my apartment today while accepting a delivery containing delicious falafel. So there I was standing outside my apt, in a t-shirt, NO SHOES, and food in hand. I took about 10 seconds to weigh my options and started the long trek bare foot to go retrieve my spare keys. Heading down Broadway with no shoes, in a tshirt, and a bag of falafel in your hand people dont think twice in the fact you are very homeless - and im ok with that. I started to jog at one point and saw the sheer terror in the children's eyes. By the time I made it to my spare keys I had eaten 3 of 6 falafels and avoided 430 shards of life threatening glass. All in all it was a pretty good day!

Korallreven - The Truest Faith

chris on February 28 2012

So I'm going to start making milkshakes but with icecream bars in them. Cherry Garcia shake. Klondike shake. Ice cream sandwich shake.

Cant - Answer

chris on February 27 2012

This is dude from Grizzly Bears side project, and it's a great tangent.

Louis Armstrong - You'll Never Walk Alone

alex on February 27 2012

No one can tug at my heart strings like my old buddy Louis. The first CD I ever owned was a Louis Armstrong's greatest hits album from the bargain bin in a Kemp Mill music store, my mom told me to pick whatever I wanted and I just grabbed what felt right. An old black guy with a horn in his hand was apparently very appealing to me - little did I know I would listen to that CD for the next 6 months on repeat. Sometimes you gotta take chances without dwelling on what the outcome could be. Thanks for all the good times Louis, there isn't a day that goes by that I dont think about the impact you've had on my life. Through out my whole life I've tried to chase those feelings I got from listening to that CD for the first time and I've still yet to this day feel it. This is probably one of the reasons I so actively seek out new amazing music, trying to catch a glimpse of something I know I'm probably never going to find again. So we can all thank Louis for my humble music selections reaching tens of thousands of people every week.

Lower Dens - Brains

chris on February 23 2012

Hey Chris, I made this song just for you. Thanks Lower Dens, this is totally rad, you should'nt have.

The Morning Benders - Hand Me Downs

alex on February 22 2012

I have the coolest black eye I've had so far in my life right now - and I get a ton of black eyes.