UNKLE - The Answer

christopher on September 13 2010

Let us all hold hands and praise the music Gods for bestowing upon us the new UNKLE album. Now can we smooch a little bit too. Too far?

Hot As Sun - Come Come

alex on September 10 2010

Wo, that was a long posting hiatus for me. I've been in the catskills mountains for the past few days getting back to my roots. and by getting back to my roots i mean getting a cold.

CSLSX - Futuertapes

chris on September 08 2010

Its still my mother effin birthday. eff yeah.

The Raveonettes - I Wanna Be Adored

chris on September 08 2010

Its my mother effin birthday. eff yeah.

Blonde Redhead - Will There Be Stars

alex on September 03 2010

No witty comments from me today, I made the poor choice of getting a deli sandwich from a gnarly bodega at 11pm last night and I'm just trying to focus on not shitting inside my pants. How's that for a weekend kick off post?

The Walkmen - Blue As Your Blood

alex on September 01 2010

Love me some walkmen. ... the band... that youre listening to.. not to be confused with sony's lunchbox sized cassete player.

Van Morrison - Sweet Thing

christopher on August 31 2010

Happy Birthday big guy. In Van's honor I bring you a track from arguably the best album made during mankind's existence on this crazy planet we call earth. Astral Weeks. Boy o boy do I have some shameful yet amazing memories set to this song.

Sufjan Stevens - I Walked

alex on August 30 2010

My first bro musician crush was John Mayer, which still stands because honestly, how can you think John Mayer isnt a cool ass mother fucker. My second bro musician crush, Mr Sufjan Stevens, albeit his first few albums were weirder than some of the shit the Santa Barbara police found in Michael Jackson's house. Sufjan quickly honed his sound and evolved like no other musician I've heard to date. Cheers to you Sufjan (and John *wink*) we patiently await to hear your latest journey into music bro-dom.

Pants Yell - To Take

christopher on August 30 2010

So the jelly pool parties have officially come to a definate end. Bummed, but hey, it was a great run. I got my swerve on since 2006!

Chromatics - In the City

christopher on August 30 2010

Hey artists and designers out there, I am assembling the line-up for my next issue of Remember Paper magazine, so let me see your stuff. email me.