Turin Brakes - Apocolips

alex on March 31 2010

sorry for the lack of posts, been making that dolla dolla to keep this piece of ish runnin!

Sparklehorse - King Of Nails

chris on March 29 2010

Sparklehorse suggestion for today. Very disappointing mark committed suicide.

Pomplamoose - Expiration Date

alex on March 24 2010

seriously crushing on Nataly Dawn from Pomplamoose. how could i not? this track is a jam, a jammy jam, a peanut butter and jam, a jamathon, a jaminy cricket, a country bear jamboree.

Holy Fuck - Latin America

christopher on March 23 2010

Musicians of the world, send us your music. Just putting it out there, Alex and I love getting music in the mail. Hit that contact button at the bottom and we will send you our address. Let's get famous!

White Hinterland - Icarus

alex on March 22 2010

chilled out rainy new york day music. enjoy.

Yuck - Georgia

christopher on March 19 2010

Ok, so they are from... New Jersey, London, and Hiroshima. very pretty girls too. Win Win Win!

Wye Oak - I Hope You Die

christopher on March 19 2010

I think the best part about being president would be the on-call gourmet chef. just sayin.

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Round And Round

alex on March 18 2010

funky little toon right here. the single cover art is a chick making out hardcore with a dog. im talking like sucking face. somehow the artist makes it look totally socially acceptable.

One for the Team - Every Little Thing

alex on March 17 2010

avid followers of the site will notice that ive cut down a bit on my use of profanity. is it because im a grown up boy now? fuck no. i just fuckin forgot to cuss. my childs first words will be greek mythology, but shortly after he will learn how to say fuck. is that irresponsible? probably. is that fuckin awesome? yes.

Twin Sister - All Around and Away We Go

christopher on March 17 2010

It would be nice to have a musician girlfriend that sang to you all the time.