The Go! Team - Apollo Throwdown

alex on December 14 2010

Couldn't ask for more from The Go! Team, Rolling Blackouts is an absolute homerun of an album. Thanks to all the donors so far, you folks are fantastic people who will sit beside me in the after life sipping mojitos while Chris and I DJ from an iPod. Someday when I really feel like dropping some knowledge on you listeners I'll hit you up with my theory of the afterlife, you may want to wear diapers for that one.

Broken Social Scene - Texico Bitches Star Slinger Remix

chris on December 13 2010

Thanks for donating people. We will get there eventually. Hopefully.

Midlake - Head Home

chris on December 13 2010

Undeniable favorite band. Lets just say one of my favorites. I like them for the same reason I like to watch movies like The Lord of the Rings and shit. They have this ability to take you to another place. Magical stuff at work here people.

James Blake - Limit To Your Love

alex on December 10 2010

Very chill winter music. You might notice the new social and fund boxes on the right info panel. I've completely funded this project for 4 years and never asked for anything back just knowing that we're supplying people with awesome music to make their life just a little better is enough for me to keep this thing going. Moving forward into 2011 I'd like to make some big changes to left as rain but I need the help of our listeners to make that happen. We currently recieve about 15k global hits a month and stream absolutely insane amounts of data, if each of those hits donate 1 dollar for a month we'd have enough money to run left as rain until I get prostate cancer or chris gets alzheimer's. as most of you probably know, this site will always remain a niche entity, you'll never see a banner ad or the typical weak music blog format here. With that being said I think there's some really bad ass shit we can do with this format that involves the users as well, I've set a soft goal for the donations so as soon as I see that number get close to where it needs to be I'll begin making some really cool shit then you'll be all like fuck yeah I'm glad I donated.

Warpaint - Majesty

chris on December 10 2010

This album blew me out of the water. For a couple reasons actually. This is me Not being misogynist, but it's rare to have a full band of amazing women musicians, I'm talking top tier. They break into some Jaco Pastorious grade bass riffs in this jam. It's pretty remarkable. Their ex-guitarist strums for the Red Hot Chili Peppers for Gods sake. They are also hot, which is me being a dude. Get the album, it's called the Fool.

High Highs - Open Season

william christopher thomas on December 09 2010

We love suggestions... as long as you are not... let's say challenged. This one came from the very lovely and talented January. The video was directed by my 6ft 11in friend Thomas, which you can see by following the link in the news feed. And in response to the garbage below. THIS is actually the 800th post because no one lives in programmer world but you alex.

La Roux - Bulletproof (Nacey Remix ft. Matt Hemerlein)

alex on December 08 2010

Supposedly this album came out in May and no one told me about it, I feel so betrayed. Guess what kiddies?! this is our 800th post, chris will undoubtedly protest and say the post counter says 799, to which I'll replay 0 is a number in programming world. Speaking of 800 songs, we streamed 107,000 MBs last month... time for another makeover...

Young Galaxy - Cover Your Tracks

chris on December 07 2010

Thank you Canada, for Mike Myers, and this. This es gooooooood.

MIRS - Fall

chris on December 07 2010

Fall from MIRS' seasons EP Spin Cycle. Check the link on the news feed to get ahold of it, and follow us on twitter for eff sake... sheeejus.

UNKLE - Ever Rest

chris on December 06 2010

This should be on a soundtrack to a film, where there is ass kicking commencing. ing.